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Have You Been Misdiagnosed or Suffered Other Types of Medical Malpractice? Contact an Attorney for More Information

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Preventable medical errors are made on an annual basis. It is estimated that 98,000 people within the United States die every year due to some type of avoidable error. This includes individuals being misdiagnosed, neglected, and other form of medical malpractice, such as medication errors.

Every year, approximately 7,000 deaths are attributed to patients being administered the wrong type of medication or another type of medication error. When patients are administered the incorrect dosage of a specific medication, for example, this can lead to death in many instances. These are other types of errors may be the result of incorrect information in medical files. While this may be due to information not being updated, it could also be due to notation errors. Furthermore, these errors may also occur wh

Legal Action What to Do in the Event of a Car Accident

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Driving is a part of everyday life for most people. In this day and age, it is considered to be the norm for getting efficiently from place to place. There are numerous laws in place for the acquirement of a driver’s license, for the operation of a vehicle on the road, and regarding traffic on roads in general, and for good reason. We have essentially normalized the operation of millions of heavy machines that are capable of high speeds, cruising past and around each other, with relatively fragile human bodies as the operators. Human bodies that are controlled themselves with intelligent minds, but those minds, unfortunately and far too frequently these days, are often not entirely focused on the task at hand. Laws must be in place to ensure the safety of people on the roads and even near the roads, but ther

Safe Holiday Winter Driving Tips

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There tends to be an increase in auto accidents during the holiday season. The holidays come at the beginning of winter when ice and snow are just beginning to coat the roads. Additionally, more people are out celebrating the holidays and sometimes, alcohol intoxication is involved too. These winter driving tips will keep you safe and reduce your chances of an auto accident.

Prepare your vehicle for winter driving
Before winter arrives in full force, make sure your vehicle is winter prepared. This means changing out the tires for winter tires or rotating your current tires for better treading. Replace your windshield wiper for better visibility during snowstorms. Make sure you have an emergency preparedness kit in your trunk in the event of an auto accident

Do You Feel Safe When You Are Out Late in the City Where You Live?

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In a time when the nation continues to struggle with the safety of Americans, even in private places like churches, is should come as no surprise that more and more departments are looking at installing dash cams in police vehicles. From in car police video systems to police body camera features, finding a way to keep those who protect us safe is an important part of today’s time. Considering the installation of dash cams in police vehicles is an im

Thinking of Buying A Home? Don’t Do It Without Hiring A Real Estate Lawyer

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real estate lawyerIf you’re thinking about buying a home, it’s important to be informed. Buying a home is certainly no small feat, and without the help of a professional real estate lawyer, you could end up facing serious consequences if even the smallest detail is overlooked. Here are just a few ways hiring a real estate lawyer can simplify the process of selling your home.

  1. Break down complex terms:
    It’s no secret that buying a home requires the negotiation of a contract filled with extremely complex and technical legal terms. Unless you have a solid grasp of real estate laws, there’s bound to be information you miss or don’t understand when reading through these contracts. A real estate lawyer can stand by your side and walk you through each and every stipulation of the contract to make sure you understand the exact terms of the deal.
  2. Aware of all common loopholes/shady practices:
    The fact is, there are many less-than-reputable property sellers who will do all they can to rush the negotiation process in hopes of taking advantage of first time buyers. It’s easier than you might think to get taken for a ride by money-hungry sellers who want to give up as little as possible while gaining as much as they can at the same time. Hiring a professional and qualified real estate lawyer ensures that you won’t give in to any of these tricks. If they notice something wrong with the contract or simply think you’re not getting a good deal, they’ll let you know as soon as possible so you have plenty of time to renegotiate and find a deal that works for everyone involved.

Ultimately, these are just a few ways real estate attorneys can help you with your home buying process. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, in 2014, there were 603,310 real estate lawyers in the United States, and using their highly specialized skills and knowledge is the best way to get what you deserve.

How Lawyers Help With Worker’s Compensation

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Every single year work injuries, work related illness, and office workers across America have to deal with serious situations that unfold in the workplace. Sometimes people can end up seriously hurt while on the job. This is not something new in America and there are now workers compensation lawyers that work day in and day out to help those workers that are hurt at work.

Workers compensation lawyers are hard-working lawyers that want to get the best for the people that they serve and work for. Sometimes there are fatal injuries that happen in the workplace at construction sites and sometimes these injuries are just simple slip and fall injuries. If you are someone hurt at work, then you should work with

Have You Been the Victim of a Hit and Run Car Accident?

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You intended for it to be a simple trip downtown for some ice cream. Your new favorite store is about a 35 minute drive from your home, but the homemade ice cream is worth the time it takes to make the trip. Just as you were stepping out to cross the street to head back home, a woman in a Jeep hits the back of your parked car. You made eye contact and approached her vehicle to tell her that she needed to stop. Instead of stopping, however, she smirked at you through her window and smirked. Next, she sped up and swerved, actually hitting the side of your car and knocking you to the street. She then drove off.
The simple trip for ice cream resulted in a hit and run. After a trip to the ER where you had your bruises and cuts examined, the doctors indicated that you would be alright, but that you would b

5 Instances of Failure to Disclose Defects

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Closing on a home should be one of the most exciting times in a home buyer’s life. Unfortunately, not every seller is willing to disclose all defects within a home. Different states throughout America will have varying closing times. For instance, the average closing time in California is about 40 days. Statistics show that 77% of home buyers have an inspection done prior to purchasing a home. Here are five hidden defects a buyer may fail to disclose.

  1. Roof Problems

    A roof is an essential part of every home. Unfortunately, there are instances where roof damage is hard to see. A general home inspection checklist should list that the roof of a home is inspected properly. If you’re finding roof problems that were undisclosed, you may have a property law case.

Car Accidents, Lawyers, and You

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Every day there is a car accident that occurs in the United States. While it is not an easy thing to digest and understand, it is something that is true. This is why there are industries based on protecting drivers, and why car companies are trying hard to improve the overall safety of their vehicles.

The Association for Safe International Road Travel released information revealing that over 37,000 United States residents die in car crashes annually. Car accidents can lead to either death, minor injuries, or even possibly a catastrophic personal injury that can be very damaging to the life of the person who suffers it. If someone suffers a

Understanding Contested Versus Uncontested Divorces

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So you want a divorce. That’s just the beginning. You may find yourself facing a whole bunch of terms you don’t understand. Are you filing for contested or uncontested divorce? What is uncontested divorce, you may ask? Do I need an attorney? Is my divorce case going to trial like it does on TV shows or in movies? How much is this going to cost me? Understanding the basics about the divorce process can help eliminate confusion and undue stress on top of everything else you’re dealing with. Depending on your divorce, there are some Continue Reading

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