7 Things to Ask Immigration Law Offices

7 Things to Ask Immigration Law Offices

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Many situations require hiring an immigration attorney, such as when an international student lands a job in the US or a foreign national marries a US citizen. An immigration lawyer serves to speed the process in many situations. However, this video points out, you need to choose your attorney wisely.

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Your immigration attorney handles numerous tasks. These range from administrative to defense responsibilities. You would need to hire an immigration attorney for any of the following situations.

– Citizenship applications
– Deportation defense and appeals
– Visa and work permit applications
– Forms preparation
– Document translation
– Representing an immigrant in court
– Drafting international business contracts.

The immigration lawyer’s tasks also extend to helping a client determine which type of visa they need and to prepare all related paperwork. When you find an immigration lawyer with whom you work well, stick with that individual for every need related to immigration for yourself and your family. A lawyer’s familiarity with your situation can help speed up future court needs, especially since they will already have core documents on file.

Start your search for immigration law offices by asking local friends or family for recommendations. Remember to ask them all seven interview questions. That way, you can compare their services with other potential lawyers you interview.


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