What to Know About Social Security Law in New York State

What to Know About Social Security Law in New York State

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Markhoff and Mittman is a social security law firm specializing in helping employees aged 50–65 navigate the complex process of receiving a social security payment if they become disabled.

The social security attorney says in the video that most people, especially those aged 50–65, will most likely become disabled during their working life. Their disability will last for at least six months.

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It is a time when they cannot work or receive their salary and are often faced with steep medical bills. Most of the time, people with disabilities are under 65 and do not qualify for the usual Social Security benefits. Not many people know about the special program within the Social Security Administration that allows employees to claim social security payments during their disability, irrespective of age.

The program has many levels and is complex to navigate for individuals. For one, the claim will only be honored if the employee has worked for at least the stipulated minimum years and made enough contributions to the fund. The complexity of the process is why Markhoff and Mittman advise that when people with disabilities cannot work at their place of employment, they should seek help from legal firms that specialize in handling cases in social security law to help them piece together the necessary paperwork that can be submitted to Social Security Administration for approval.

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