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If You Are Getting Married, You Need a Prenuptial Agreement

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Many people do not like to think about things like prenuptial agreements when they are planning their weddings but they can be very important to keeping their assets safe and separate from their partner’s. While there is a general ebb and flow when it comes to divorce rates in the United States, about 45% of all American first marriages end in divorce. Family law experts say that this is a reason all couples should investigate their options when it comes to drafting and signing prenuptial agreements.

According to reporting by Business Insiderandnbsp;looks at re

New Details About Brad Pitt and Angelina’s Child Custody Agreement Have Emerged But No One Knows What they Mean

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Any divorce that deals with child custody is much more complicated that those that do not. Every child custody case is different and they all have the potential to be painful for everyone involved. These issues are only magnified when the parties in question are celebrities at the level of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. Their divorce, much like their marriage, is something that almost everyone on the planet is paying attention to. This scrutiny only got more intense recently as lawyers for Jolie put out details about the current arrangements for the custody of the couple’s six children.

The statement that was released recently, says that Jolie will retain full custody of the six children but that Pitt will continue to have “therapeutic visits” with the children. No further explanation was

5 Things to Look for When Hiring a Lawyer

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Hiring an attorney is not a job that you should take lightly. There are so many things that can happen that you need representation for and if you don’t have a good attorney, that could really change the course of your life. If something serious has happened to you and you need a top notch lawyer, like a DUI attorney or a criminal defense lawyer, then this especially applies to you. Here are a few things that you should look for when hiring a lawyer to represent you in court.

They meet with you in person during your initial interview.
It is a common practice for some law firms to send a legal aid or a paralegal to meet with new clients. While this is understandable when the law firm is busy a

7 Tips for Driving Next to a Semi Truck

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Just recently, there are a story in the news about a semi truck that caused a major accident on the freeway of the i10 freeway in Arizona. It was a seven car pile up with many injuries and even fatalities. Truck accidents can be incredibly dangerous. Semi truck accident lawyers and all types of lawyers have to be involved in over to go over personal injury settlements. It can be a big deal and hiring a semi truck accident lawyer is not cheap. In order to avoid an accident with a semi truck, there are several things that you can do. Of course, you cannot control the way that other people drive, but here ar

What to Know About Workers Compensation The Basics

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No matter your job or employer, state laws require every occupation to come with workers compensation insurance. This is meant to protect you in case you get hurt on the job, so you will not be financially destitute for something that is not your fault. However, these laws change, so here are some common details of workers compensation that is basically the same nationwide.

1. Benefits will always be provided in case of an injury.

If the job injury was sustained in an accidental incident, each worker is entitled to basic statutory benefits from their employer.

2. The benefits include wages lost, medical benefits including paying for medical bills and any expenses related to death if the injury is serious.

Typically, employers cover anywhere from one-third to two-thirds of

Four Steps to Take After a Car Accident

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Are you looking for an auto accident lawyer? Being in a car accident is a terrible thing to have to go through. While your auto accident lawyer can’t take the pain and suffering that you’ve experience away, having the right auto accident lawyer by your side will help you ensure that you get the compensation you need to get on with a productive and healthy life.

However, before you ever meet with your auto accident lawyer, the first steps that you take are critical for giving them the leverage they need to fight on your behalf. After being involved in a car accident, it is important to follow these steps:

Four Important Steps to Take After Being in a Car Accident

  1. Do

Benefits of Working with a Personal Injury Lawyer

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It is estimated that annually, the cost of civil lawsuits to the U.S. economy is about $233 billion. This staggering amount is due to various forms fo disputes one of them being injury claims. Over the years, the most reported court cases are either from a criminal offenses or cases involving a different type of injuries. If you are looking for court representation and a defendant who will handle your personal injury claims, an injury lawyer is the best option out there.

Who is a personal injury lawyer?
This is a legal representative who offers legal advice and support to those who claim to have been injured either psychologically or physically. Typically, injuries occur due to either negligence or intentional foul by another person, company or a different entity.

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The “If Only” Moment”I Should Have Stopped to Think”

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Conviction of a DUI or a DWI is not a minor infraction. Depending upon in which state the incident occurs, this conviction could come with jail time in addition to loss of license for a period of time. Individuals accused of either of these offenses would be best to find a good DUI DWI attorney as soon as possible. In the case of a DUI the best DUI attorney will take the initiative to speak with witnesses and analyze videos to build a defense on behalf of the client. A DUI DWI attorney can challenge breathalyzer tests. If these are not given correctly, they will not be admissable in court. The same holds true for blood and

Questions to Ask Your Real Estate Attorney

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If you are looking to purchase or to sell a piece of property, then it is important to contact a trustworthy real estate lawyer to help lead you through the sometimes tricky process. These estate lawyers are incredibly knowledgeable in their field, and will be able to grant you legal advice throughout the entire process. However, it is incredibly important to hire the right real estate attorneys for the job at hand, so here are some questions to make sure to ask your real estate lawyer before you hire them.

What experience

I Need Social Security Disability Benefits Which Lawyer Do I Contact?

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There are many reasons to seek out a lawyer in the United States. Everything from personal injury lawsuits to inquiries are presented to professionals in the legal system, all with the hopes of navigating a complicated industry and seeking an ideal conclusion. Many attempt to solve their issues without the assistance of a lawyer, however, leaving them financially stranded in their time of need. If you’re one of the Americans that isn’t quite sure if their issue warrants the involvement of an attorney, read below. From bankruptcy to drunk driving, there’s a lawyer for every issue on the map.

Disability And Benefits

If you have a disability but aren’t receiving the benefits you nee

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