How Defense Attorneys Confidently Deliver the Closing Argument

How Defense Attorneys Confidently Deliver the Closing Argument

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Closing arguments are one of the essential parts of a trial. They allow defense attorneys to make final arguments to the jury and explain why they believe their client is innocent. Closing arguments are often the last impression that the jury gets before they go back into deliberations, so a defense attorney must make them count! Watch the video below for more insight.

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Here are some tips for confidently delivering closing arguments:

1. Defense attorneys ensure they’re prepared. They know the client’s case inside and out before entering the courtroom. They have notes on all of the evidence and key points and any rebuttals that may be necessary if the prosecution has made any additional arguments in their closing statements.

2. They stick to the facts. Defense attorneys don’t get caught up in emotional pleas or try to sway jurors with personal stories or anecdotes about their client’s life. They stick to what happened during the crime itself – that’s where they make a difference!

3. Defense attorneys speak clearly. Not everyone has perfect diction, but if there’s anything that could prevent jurors from understanding the lawyer’s words, consider investing in speech therapy sessions! Contact home for more details.


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