Roofing Inspections Important Things to Know

Roofing Inspections Important Things to Know

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Homeowners might believe that as long as the roof looks free of debris or damage, they’re in the clear. But over time your roof’s integrity does decline, especially without proper maintenance. If you are about to have a roofing inspection, here are some things to know.

Depending on the size, type, and slope of your roof, a thorough roof inspection can take just under an hour.

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Many homeowners may get roof inspections after severe weather comes through, which is definitely a good idea, but it isn’t the only time you should get an inspection. You should also get a roof inspection if you are prepping to sell your home (replacing the roof can be a big selling point), and every few years depending on roof type and location. First, they’ll look for obvious signs of damage or leaks, wear and tear from an aging roof, and other issues that can occur from poor installation or maintenance.

In order to hit every area, inspections are usually broken up into 4 categories; structure, material, interior, and workmanship. Can you do your own inspection? Sure, if you look for the same things. But it is not recommended for inexperienced homeowners to get up on the roof, but you should be able to spot any immediate damage and assess the condition of your roof just by looking at it.


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