What is an Insurance Expert Witness

What is an Insurance Expert Witness

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An expert witness is basically anyone with extensive knowledge or years of work in a particular field. An insurance expert witness is an expert in insurance. They may have decades of insurance experience, teach insurance classes at the local university, or have one or more degrees in specific kinds of insurance. One such expert witness is Neal Bordenave, who has 30 years of insurance experience, has two degrees, and is President and CEO of RiskPro Insurance Services.

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Can The Person Suing Be An Insurance Expert Witness?

In some cases, the person suing or being sued may be an insurance expert witness only if they qualify as having extensive experience and expertise in insurance. Keep in mind that although each case is different, the defendant or plaintiff is rarely able to be considered an expert witness in insurance.

Where Are Insurance Expert Witnesses Found?

It’s usually up to lawyers and not the insurance company or individual that finds expert witnesses. There are companies that help lawyers find the right expert witness for their cases. There are also expert witnesses who advertise their services. Most insurance expert witnesses offered in these services have previous courtroom experience and are used to being questioned by lawyers.

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