Even Best Friends Cannot Provide All of the Help You Need When It Comes to Your Financial Future

Even Best Friends Cannot Provide All of the Help You Need When It Comes to Your Financial Future

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There are so many things you want to say about this best friend of yours that your thoughts are hard to put together. Perhaps the best approach is to just start with a story.

This person came into into your life at the exact moment you needed her. Of course, you did not realize it at the time because all you were interested in doing was buying some nice makeup. You attended the neighborhood sales presentation your neighbor was hosting because you wanted to make friends with her so your young boys could play together. Initially, you assumed you would simply pop in, buy a mascara, and then leave when your now ex husband called with the emergency you told him to fake so you could get out of this party without buying a bunch of stuff that you did not need.

Little did you know that this party would be so much fun that you would decide to stay until the end because you just knew you needed to make friends with this lady that was such a draw in your neighborhood.

It was not the white Mercedes that was in the driveway that attracted you to her. Rather, it was her demeanor, her authentic caring for others, and vulnerability that you had to have more of. You had never seen this from anyone in corporate America and, up until that moment, you thought you could not be successful and be any of those things without being eaten alive.

It has been eleven years since that fateful February. And in that time, you have had a lot of life happen. Regardless of whether or not you were successful at work, this new friend was there for you. She was there for you when you got laid off from that job in corporate America that was killing you slowly. She was there for you when you ran your first half marathon. She was there for you when you lost your marriages. You were there for each other when you ran a Half IronMan together. You were there for each other at countless moments when life has been incredibly joyful and when it has felt incredibly hard.

The best friendships are not always easy, they take a lot of work. They are, however, more than worth it. They are the very things to sustain us through the worst of times.

Friends Are the First Step to Living a Successful Life

As much as a benefit the best of friends can be, it is important to realize that you often need to go beyond your friends to get the help that you need in planning for your future. From an estate planning attorney to litigation attorneys there are law firms that can help people prepare for future challenges. And while a best friend is often someone who can help you navigate today’s challenges and prepare for next month and next year, an estate planning attorney can help you prepare for your children’s futures.

Whether you are looking for the advice of an estate planning attorney or you simply have questions about some investments that you are considering, a friend is not the only resource that should be discussing your options with. Instead, making an appointment with an estate planning attorney allows you to make the best plans for your future budgeting, as well as the future financial stability of your children. Investment planners often work closely with estate planning attorneys in creating a solution that can help families prepare for future decisions. When these same resources are combined with the paperwork that you have on file with a doctor, you are more likely to have your wishes followed even when you are not able to speak for yourself.

Best friends, of course, provide one of the best ways to get through the day to day challenges of life, but when it comes to planning for future finances, you likely need more professional guidance. Do you have all of the necessary paperwork in place so that your family members can follow though with the plans that you have for the resources you have accumulated.

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