3 Reasons to Plan Your Own Funeral

3 Reasons to Plan Your Own Funeral

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When there is a funeral that has to be planned, there are a lot of things to think about all at once. Getting the burial information from the funeral home is one aspect of planning the funeral. You may also want to set up a memorial live stream so that loved ones out of town can attend the funeral virtually. You need to know the burial fees that the funeral home charges. You also need to pick a casket if there is going to be a burial.

Many people want the funeral home to help them with a funeral casket that won’t take the entire funeral budget. You can also find out from them whether you can buy your own casket so that you can get a better deal on it. Once most of the basic plans are in place, you can begin to call or message friends and family members to tell them about the specifics of the funeral. Once this has been taken care of, you can start to plan for the decor of the funeral.

Death is a topic that few people like to think about. However, death is inevitable and sometimes it can be a good idea to give it a little thought. This can make it easier on yourself and your loved ones down the line. That’s why more and more people are pre-planning their own funerals. In fact, 69% of Harris Poll survey respondents said that they would prefer to arrange their own funeral services. Here’s why planning your own funeral is a good idea.

You’ll Obtain Affordable Cremation, Burial, and Services

Each year, the cost of funerals rises. If you plan your own funeral, you can pay for it now and save your loved ones from paying more later. In 2017, the average cost of a burial was nearly $9,000. A cremation was slightly more affordable, coming in at a little over $6,000. These estimates don’t include a plot, monument, flowers, or obituary, of course. To get an affordable cremation or burial, pre-planning will allow you to lock in the current price. Funeral home services will also be more affordable, as oftentimes you will have a contract to make sure that your loved ones won’t have to pay anything extra.

You Get to Choose

Many people like the idea of making their own funeral arrangements because they get to choose all of the details. You can choose a burial or cremation in advance, which can alleviate disagreements over arrangements — a common issue for many families of the deceased. You can also choose whether or not to have a viewing, what your obituary will say, where your cemetery plot will be, and even the designs of your headstone or flower arrangements. Taking care of these details can give you peace of mind that your wishes will be followed and your family won’t have to make any decisions.

You’ll Alleviate Emotional Stress

Planning your own funeral can be much easier on your family from an emotional standpoint. They will be grieving, so not having to decide what you might have wanted at your funeral will make the time a little less stressful for them. Unfortunately, funeral arrangements can make families argue. But they will be less likely to do so if you have planned everything. Funeral costs can also leave your family with a financial burden if you haven’t left enough or any money for a service. With rising costs, funerals can be expensive. Taking care of those expenses in advance can be a relief for both you and your family.

Planning your own funeral can be an overwhelming task for many people. However, if you do at least some of the planning, you could save money, make sure your final wishes are followed, and make it easier on your family and loved ones.

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