3 Workplace Injuries To Watch Out For This Summer

3 Workplace Injuries To Watch Out For This Summer

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Summer is just around the corner and temperatures are heating up. While some workplace injuries are commonplace throughout the year, some types of injuries are seasonal and it’s important to be weary of them.

That said, here are three of the most common workplace injuries to be on the lookout for during the warmer seasons and how you can avoid them.

  1. Slips, trips, and falls. It’s important to remember that slips, trips, and falls can happen at any time of the year. But they’re also fairly common during the summer season. This is because there’s more rain between June and November because of hurricane season. That said, keep an eye out for puddles and wet areas after it’s rained and be sure that caution signs are put up when necessary.
  2. Machine and vehicle accidents. According to AAA, the 100 days between Memorial Day and Labor Day are considered to be the deadliest days for drivers on U.S. roads. But this isn’t just because more inexperienced drivers are on the road once school’s out for the summer. Road construction is also common during the summer months. Make sure you’re staying cautious on the road and that you and your team are wearing the necessary safety equipment and clothing. It’s crucial to stay visible if you’re out working near heavy equipment and vehicles.
  3. Heat-related illnesses. It’s not just injuries you need to worry about when you’re on the job this summer. Winter may be over, but you can still get sick. Heat-related illnesses are a common issue among workers during the warmer months. If you’re working out in the sun, make sure you take routine breaks, stay hydrated, and spend some time in the shade. Symptoms of heat-related illness such as heat exhaustion or heat stroke include dizziness, nausea, weakness, muscle cramps, headaches, confusion, and fainting. In more extreme cases, you could suffer a seizure or even go into a coma.

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