Federal Defense Attorneys When And Why You Might Need Them

Federal Defense Attorneys When And Why You Might Need Them

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The idea of needing a defense attorney is extremely frightening for many people. Many associate lawyers in general with stress and money — even when they’re using lawyers for routine purposes, like crafting a will or finalizing a divorce. A defense attorney is something else entirely. People often hire defense attorneys because they’ve been accused of crimes. This is always stressful, and certainly many feel that they’ve been left in the dark regarding what to do next. Things get even more frightening if you’ve been charged with a federal offense — in which case you would need not just any defense attorney, but a federal defense lawyer . While it’s not impossible to find a good lawyer, finding a good federal defense lawyer can be a bit more difficult simply because many people don’t know what the defense is between a state crime and a federal crime, and how a federal defense lawyer can help you face such charges. A federal defense lawyer can’t be found at many typical criminal defense firms, but they are available and can help you in a major way. Below, we’ll get into what a federal defense lawyer does, and how this can make a difference for you if you’re facing federal charges.

Federal Cases Versus State Cases: What’s The Difference?

Many are completely unaware of the differences between federal cases and state cases until they’re facing a federal case. There is a major difference between who is handling the case, first and foremost. Usually, federal officials have more experience than state officials, and tend to be more thorough and for that matter funded. Yes — that last part makes a big difference. Limited funding in state cases means that there is only a certain extent to which state officials can pursue cases. They are limited in their resources, in other words, and while they will pursue cases as far they possibly can, federal officials have resources that are practically unlimited. You, most likely, do not and thus have to spend your resources wisely when facing a federal case. The judges presiding over federal cases also have lifetime appointments, and don’t have dockets that are quite as crowded as those seen in state cases. Federal cases are also associated with much stiffer penalties. Mandatory minimum penalties can be used in these cases, and this often results in extremely lengthy sentences for crimes that are comparatively minor. Essentially, you are risking a lot when going up against a federal case, and need a lawyer that knows what they’re doing.

Why Do I Need A Federal Defense Lawyer In Particular?

Technically, you could choose a lawyer who is less experienced in federal defense and has a more generalized skill set. But again, you’re putting a lot on the line. Even if you’re innocent of the crime of which you’re being accused — that doesn’t mean you won’t get convicted. In fact, a recent survey of 188 judges, prosecutors, public defenders, sheriffs, and police unveiled the fact that 10,000 people in America may be wrongfully convicted each year. And these are not wrongful convictions for minor crimes — but serious ones. While a wrongful conviction can be overturned, this is a lengthy and expensive process, and people are typically imprisoned while waiting for their convictions to be overturned. For that matter, you could be convicted and released early or given a lesser sentence — but you’ll still be one of the 68 million people living in this country with a criminal record. This can several affect your future.

Is A Defense Attorney Worth It?

A defense attorney knows how to get around evidence that may at first seem damning. Even in cases that involve substance abuse, can be more complicated than they first seem — for example, a good defense attorney can have a breathalyzer test, blood test, or urine test deemed inadmissible if it wasn’t properly administered. But that’s just a minor thing they’re able to do; a defense attorney could potentially ensure your freedom.

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