The Three Ways Lawyers Can Help You

The Three Ways Lawyers Can Help You

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There are many instances where you might need someone who has studied and practiced law. Attorneys get paid to represent clients in court rooms for issues that can decide someone’s future. While these attorneys do not specialize in a particular area, often they have a great deal of experience in a field, making them strong choices for your situation.

Here are three areas where an attorney might serve you a great deal of good.

Worker’s Compensation

When it comes to working compensation, there seem like a few industries that come to mind that can cause or inflict physical damage on its employees: construction, hospitality, and manufacturing. These industries involve physical hazards. Within construction and manufacturing, that hazard can come with the equipment. With hospitality, the floors.

85% of worker’s compensation claims come from employees slipping on slick floors. While many employers mandate that non-slick shoes should be worn while on the premises, accidents still happen. The effect can be damaging as 22% of slip/fall cases resulted in 31 or more days missed from work.

Individuals who practice law represent those that are filing worker’s compensation to achieve the most optimal outcome for those individuals in terms of financial compensation. That amount can be significant. For instance, the maximum average compensation for someone who injured one arm at work amounted to nearly $170,000 in March of 2015.


Those who practice law may have a great deal of experience dealing with an individual who is wanting to divorce from his or her spouse. The average length of marriage that ends in divorce is nine years. In America, there is a divorce every 36 seconds, amounting to over 875,000 divorces each year.

Choosing the right divorce attorney can be time-consuming and difficult. You want someone to represent your best interests in the case. Asking for recommendations from friends may be helpful. Some qualities in a divorce lawyer that may be significant include experience, knowledge base, openness to communication, and more.

There is one final topic to be covered in this article:


In 2014, the immigrant portion of the United States population totaled over 42 million. This number accounted for over 13% of the total U.S. population of 319 million. Immigrants from Mexico accounted for 28% of the immigrant population, making them the largest block of immigrants by a wide margin.

The process of becoming an immigrant is difficult and demanding. Those who practice law may represent those wishing to migrate to the United States. An individual here may be called an immigration attorney or immigration lawyer. A key issue when going through the immigration process is the visa.

There are about 480,000 family based visas available each year. Often, those that use these visas have an immediate relative who is a U.S. citizen or selected through the family preference system.

Retaining the counsel of those who practice law can enable you to navigate situations that have required them years of education and training to understand.

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