Child Custody Cases — Why It Pays to Have a Good Family Law Attorney by Your Side

Child Custody Cases — Why It Pays to Have a Good Family Law Attorney by Your Side

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Going through a divorce can be a mentally taxing affair for you, and more so for your children. The prospect of separation after being together is often a painful one to contemplate, and certain other aspects of a divorce like protracted legal battles, disputes and child custody certain add to the trauma. If you have recently been in such a situation, the best thing you can do for yourself and your children is to retain the services of a reputed divorce lawyer. This is the first step towards subverting most of the tedious legal paraphernalia involved and to ensure that the process goes on smoothly.

A whopping 10% of American citizens are divorced, and these cases usually go on for about a year. For someone who is freshly experiencing the trauma of divorce, the prospect of a year-long legal battle can seem like an uphill task. However, with the right divorce attorney in your corner, you should be able to tackle most of the difficult parts of the situations, including alimony, estate management and child custody. For many, the issue of child custody is the most sensitive and significant part of a divorce. Before going in, you need to be aware of the legal background and implications of a child custody procedure, and prepare well for a positive result.

While most divorce cases are settled out of court, about 80% of these cases involve situations where only one party is amenable to the divorce and the other person is not. This is exactly the kind of situation that can invite tension and turmoil, and having the best legal help you can is of paramount importance. Apart from that, the best case scenario is when both parties agree to a mediation. Most couples who choose mediation end up being satisfied with its outcome, and it is this that you must try to achieve in your case.

Mediated Child Custody

When it comes to the issue of child custody, it is important for the parents to reach some kind of common ground beforehand for the sake of the children in question. Divorces can give rise to heightened emotions, which can sometimes create unsavory situations that are difficult for children to process or comprehend. This is why the parents need to agree to mediation and come to a consensus about child custody terms that represent the best interest of the child involved.

Mediation is a process through which child custody cases can be amicable settled with the involvement of a mediating third party. The mediator can suggest ways for the parents to find common ground and look after the interests of the child. It is a process that takes less time and money that a drawn-out legal battle for custody, and is in general much less of an emotional toll for the parents and especially the children. The process also is conducive to better flexibility when it comes to the final terms of child custody. Since the process is non-adversarial, the parents can negotiate and come to a joint decision keeping the interests of their child in mind. The process is also a great way to create a tailored child custody schedule where the child gets to spend enough time with both parents while being able to live comfortably and have their basic needs attended to.

If you are considering settling your child custody scenario through mediation, the first step is to discuss it in-depth with your divorce attorney. Through this discussion, you should able to gain better knowledge about the legalities involved and the right of your child that need protection. Once you enter the mediation process, your attorney can draft the necessary legal documentation to support the proceedings.

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