7 Tips to Getting the Best Personal Injury Settlement

7 Tips to Getting the Best Personal Injury Settlement

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If you have suffered damages or injuries in an accident caused by another party, you most likely are considering filing an accident bodily injury claim. This tedious process requires you to negotiate with the negligent party or their insurance provider. You can undertake negotiations on your own, but it’s best to hire a personal injury lawyer.
If your personal injury attorney has served the negligent party’s insurance provider with a demand letter and the required support documents, the negotiation process might comprise nothing more than a couple of phone calls with a claims adjuster working for the insurance company. During the negotiations, your lawyer and the insurance adjuster will make their case about the strengths and weaknesses of your accident case law claim.

The insurance adjuster will then make an offer; typically, lower than the amount you’re entitled to. Your personal injury lawyer will counter the offer made by the insurance adjuster. Suppose a personal injury attorney can’t reach an agreement with the insurance adjuster. In that case, they can launch liability lawsuits, albeit negotiations can continue to see if an out-of-court settlement can be reached. The discussion below will highlight seven tips accident victims can utilize to ensure they get the best personal injury settlement.

Personal injury

If you are like most people, you assume you will never have a need to hire a lawyer or sue anyone. Unfortunately, may people end up needing both. More than three million people are injured at work every year. Many people slip or all at work. In 2013, nearly 330,000 people were hurt this way. That same year, more than 900,000 people suffered injuries at work that forced them to take at least a little time off. For many people, taking time off is expensive as they do not get paid when they do not work. These are people who need to seek out a personal injury liability attorney.

Tips for Getting the Best Settlement for Your Personal Injury Liability Case:

  1. Get checked out by a doctor. The first thing you need to worry about is getting medical help for any serious injury. No personal injury liability claim can proceed without this but more importantly you give medical professionals more of a chance to help you by going to see them as soon as you can.
  2. File a police report. Typically, the party that calls the police first ends up looking better in the eyes of the court. You will have a record of your accident and injuries that can be used in court.
  3. Make a point of recording everything. This is not the time to do spring cleaning with your records. Keep track of everything. This means everything associated with your injury. If you take a taxi to physical therapy, keep the receipts. You should be able to get all of your medical records from the doctors and facilities where you get treatment. Make notes of everything yourself. Consider keeping a journal to record what you are going through. The more detailed you are in recording what you go through, the better.
  4. Whatever you say can hurt you later so beware. No, this is not the same as a Miranda situation where “everything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law” and you should not stay silent, especially when talking to medical staff but be careful about what you say about your case and who is to blame for your injury.
  5. Do not settle on your own or sign anything you do not understand. If you suffer a personal injury, you may be medicated. This is not the time to make decisions about your personal injury case or sign anything. If your employer knows that they are to blame for your injury, they can try to take advantage and settle with you before you are ready. Talk to an expert in personal injury law and show your attorney any paperwork they give you to sign. Do not let anyone pressure you into doing anything that makes you uncomfortable.
  6. Talk to the right kinds of lawyers. Not all personal injury liability lawyers practice have experience with every kind of case. Some only handle malpractice cases or wrongful death settlements, for instance. Make sure the lawyer you select has experience with workers compensation settlements .
  7. Do some of your own research on the laws and rules of your state. No, you are not expected to become an expert in personal injury liability law or anything but the process will seem a lot less complicated and confusing if you know some of the terminology and how the process works.

When you are talking to lawyers
, make sure you get one that you can really talk to. You are going to have to share some very personal aspects of your life and situation. This is not the time to be shy or downplay your pain and suffering. No one really likes admitting that they are hurt but you will do your case no favors by not admitting that you need help and have suffered as a result of your workplace injury. Remember, too, that if your employer makes no changes, it is possible that someone else will be injured the same way your were. If they have pay a large settlement for your injuries, they are more likely to make changes to make their workplace safer for everyone.

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