Will You Be Denied Your Social Security Benefits When Your Time Comes to Collect?

Will You Be Denied Your Social Security Benefits When Your Time Comes to Collect?

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Nearly one hundred percent of us legally are working in the United States pay into our Social Security accounts. So how is it that 85 percent of SSI and SSD benefits is are annually denied on first appeal to Floridians? It is a problem. And it is why so many social security lawyers, social security disability lawyers, veterans lawyers and social security disability attorneys are currently employed.

There are several reasons this situation has come about in Florida. No, not to keep our veterans lawyers in business. For one thing, at birth life expectancy, according to The Centers of Disease Control and Prevention, has risen to almost 78 years. The AARP reports that in 2011 51.3 billion dollars in Social Security benefits were paid out to 5.6 million Floridians.

This situation will only get worse. By 2050, the number of Americans over the age of 85 will more than triple to 19 million from 5.7 million 2010. That should keep social security attorneys up to their ears in aging clientele.

We cannot forget that a large part of this aging demographic in need of their money includes United States Veterans. We can only hope that there are enough veterans lawyers to keep up with the demand. But this writer is offended, on behalf of my grandparents generation, that our citizens and especially our veterans are having to hire veterans lawyers to collect on what our government promised to them. They are hiring veterans lawyers not because they want to spend their golden years in a courtroom, but because they were promised this money and they need it to live. And it is theirs. It was taken from every paycheck without their permission. They were told it was for them when they need it. Now they need it and our government cannot or will not keep their promise to them.

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