What Questions Should I Ask My Estate Planning Lawyer?

What Questions Should I Ask My Estate Planning Lawyer?

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Before you choose an estate planning lawyer, it’ll be a good idea to ask them some questions. Questions can help you determine if the lawyer you are considering is a good match for you. Keep reading to learn what questions you can ask your estate planning lawyer.

The first question you’ll want to ask your estate planning lawyer is “What is your experience with helping and assisting people with creating and designing their estate plans?” You may want to follow this question up with “what kinds of results have you achieved for your clients?” This will help you determine if the lawyer is experienced enough to handle your estate.

Next, ask “How can you help me fund my trust?” and “Do you have a trust funding coordinator on your team that can help me retile my assets?” These include things like the deed to your home. Without this help, your assets may end up in probate court.

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Lastly, ask “How will you help me keep my estate plan updated throughout life?” You want to ensure the estate planning lawyer will notify you if there are many law changes, and update your plan if you have life changes.

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