What Different Types of Law Are There?

What Different Types of Law Are There?

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If you’re looking for legal assistance or are even thinking about going into law school, you might be asking yourself what different types of law are there? When it comes to law, there’s no shortage of specialties and dedicated lawyers that are experts in their field of practice. There are a variety of different types of law, and all can be beneficial to know about if you find yourself in the middle of a possible lawsuit. Below are some of the most common lawyers and the types of law they practice!

1. Personal Injury

Personal injury is one of the most common reasons someone will seek legal help or the help of an attorney. Personal injuries can happen for a variety of reasons, from being the victim of an accident, assault, or even suffering from an accident at another place of business. Personal injuries and accidents can occur at any time, at any place, and it’s important to be ready when they do occur. A personal injury lawyer will be able to help you file a claim within the statute of limitations, represent you in court, and ensure you get properly compensated for anything from emotional damage and losses to lost wages and work, and also for future medical expenses.

2. Worker’s Compensation

Getting injured at work is fairly common and can be especially hazardous if you work in a physical labor industry. When you work in construction, as a longshoreman, or even in police careers, injuries at work might just be part of the job. Unfortunately, not all employers or their insurance agencies provide adequate protection for you after an injury. You might be forced to work even when injured, be offered a measly settlement by your employer’s insurance agency, and feel threatened to speak up about hazardous environments at work. This is where the help of a workers compensation lawyer comes in. Workers compensation lawyers will represent you and fight for your right to a decent settlement, to keep your job, and to make sure future injuries don’t happen to other employees. These are some of the best lawyers to have on hand to preserve your career, your livelihood, and your expenses.

3. Family Law

Family lawyers have some of the toughest jobs when dealing with family law. Family lawyers can be found representing couples going through divorce proceedings, advocating for victims of domestic violence, and representing children during court hearings. A family law attorney service can be there to help you gain custody of your children or determine a fair custody agreement, help support you during divorce proceedings, and even provide a helping hand for the emotional toll that these proceedings can cause.

4. Criminal – Public Defenders

If you’re ever arrested for a crime, you’ll be glad to have criminal law attorneys present by your side. Public defenders are a constitutional right, and they are assigned to individuals who cannot afford a lawyer to represent them in court. Public defenders practice criminal law and they are skilled in being able to represent individuals who are innocent or who might need lesser sentences. Public defenders do not charge their clients and instead are paid by the city they work in. Not all people being represented in court use a public defender. Some use private practice criminal defense attorneys. Being a criminal defense attorney is a job for the strong-willed, and for those that hold no judgment and truly believe in innocence until proven guilty.

5. Criminal – Prosecutors

Prosectuors, on the other hand, represent the ‘people,’ i.e., the city, state, or jurisdiction they are practicing in. For instance, if you were caught speeding and possibly risking the lives of others on the road, prosecutors will be there to make sure they make they represent the people living in the neighborhood or city you received a ticket in. In essence, prosecutors are there to battle against criminal defense lawyers and public defenders! Both of these types of lawyers play an important role in ensuring justice is given.

6. Medical Malpractice

If you’re wondering what different types of law are there that work in the medical industry, there are several, including medical malpractice law. If you ever find yourself getting care from a doctor or hospital and end up sustaining an injury, infection, or another sickness due to medical malpractice, it’s best to get the help of medical malpractice lawyers to help you gain compensation and fight against hospitals. Medical malpractice is not only deadly but can also be a serious issue when the same physicians or medical providers continue to practice medicine with no repercussions. Medical malpractice is one of the best types of law to practice if you truly want to help innocent victims.

7. Estate Planning

When someone dies and leaves their inheritance behind, there’s a long process involved in helping family members gain their inheritance and all they are entitled to. Estate planning can be a bit complex, and it takes an emotionally intelligent lawyer to be able to work with clients during their grieving period. If you’re wondering what different types of law are there that are research-heavy and a bit adventurous, this is definitely an area of law that requires lots of digging, checking in to background information, and even unearthing secrets!

8. Social Security Attorneys

Social security attorneys help people with disabilities earn their compensation and be able to have the funds to support themselves through their SSI checks. A social security disability attorney can be worth their weight in gold when it comes time to figure out how much compensation and how much money someone can be entitled to if they are injured or cannot work until retirement.

9. Auto Accident Attorneys

If you’re wondering what different types of law are there for injuries, there are various types of specialties, including auto accident injuries and attorneys. Auto accident attorneys work as personal injury attorneys, however, they also deal in auto accidents and injuries you might sustain from them. For instance, auto accident attorneys know exactly what information you need to build a great case, such as eyewitness testimony, police reports, pictures from the accident, and medical reports.

10. ADA Lawyers

If you want to know what different types of law are there to protect people with disabilities, there are several, including Americans with Disabilities Act Lawyers. These are lawyers that specialize in issues dealing with ADA laws, which were created to ensure people with disabilities are not discriminated against and have fair access to employment and other areas. For instance, an ADA lawyer would work to ensure businesses continue to have ADA compliant commercial signs and bring forth a case if there are violations in ADA laws. This is one type of law that truly protects people and works to ensure they are all given a fair opportunity.

11. Tax Attorneys

For those wondering what different types of law are there for people with tax issues, look no further than tax law (of course)! Tax law can be extremely complex, but it can also be rewarding to practice as an attorney. You can help business owners and people who might not know much about filing taxes avoid jail time and hefty fines due to tax mistakes. You can also, as a tax attorney, ensure businesses are remaining compliant with tax regulations and paying what they owe to the state and federal government.

12. Immigration Attorney

Immigration law is an area of law that deals with helping people from other countries settle in to the United States. People that are refugees or are looking to establish citizenship should seek the help of an attorney that practices immigration law to ensure they are filing all appropriate paperwork and following all laws. For those wondering what different types of law are there to help families, immigration law and attorneys can help unite families and ensure they remain together.

13. Intellectual Property Lawyers

For those wondering what different types of law are there to protect people with patents, patent and intellectual property law can help. If you’re the creator of a new song, invention, or even an idea, intellectual property lawyers know just what to do to protect your intellectual property. Unlike tangible items, such as your home or vehicle, intellectual property lawyers must work to ensure your ideas are protected. How cool is that?

14. Contract Law

Contract law is an area of law that deals with contracts. Everyone at some point might need the help of a contract lawyer, whether to read over a new contract for a client, read over contracts dealing with homebuying and purchasing, or other issues related to contracts. It’s best to have a contract lawyer present before you sign any documents, as these can have legal implications later on.

15. Military Law

For those wondering what different types of law are there for military members, there is an entire area of law dedicated to dealing with military issues. You might come face to face with a military lawyer if you’re a military member and get accused of anything from drinking in public to illegal firearm sales. Military lawyers are known as JAG officers, or Judge Advocate General officers, and are military members themselves. Many times, they can give free consultations to military members to help them through criminal proceedings, divorce, and issues dealing with military disciplinary actions such as court martials.

16. Mergers and Acquisitions

For people interested in knowing what different types of law are there that are incredibly complex yet rewarding, mergers and acquisitions is one such area of law. Mergers and Acquisitions lawyers deal with mergers, such as one business uniting finances with another, and acquisitions, such as one company buying out another company. Because tax laws and finances can become complicated, these types of lawyers have to be well-versed and skilled in state and federal tax and financial laws.

17. Civil Rights Law

Famous civil rights lawyers include Thurgood Marshall, Johnnie Cochran, and many others who have paved the way in helping people gain civil rights such as the right to vote, the right to sit on a public bus seat, and the right to go to the same public school regardless of color or race. For those wondering what different types of law are there that consistently improve humanity and living conditions in the United States, Civil Rights law is this area. Civil rights lawyers are well-versed in someone’s constitutional rights and fight for people to have the rights they deserve while battling against discrimination.

18. Environmental Law

It’s not only humans that need protection from lawyers. For those people wondering what different types of law are there to protect animals, environmental law is one such field. This is an area of law that deals with the preservation of land, stopping climate change, and truly making a difference in preserving the natural beauty and resources of the world. Environmental lawyers help prosecute people or agencies that are destroying and damaging the climate, such as through hazardous waste, damaging air quality, and causing pollution.

19. Maritime Lawyers

Just like auto accident attorneys can help people who have been involved in car accidents, there are maritime lawyers that understand boating laws and deal with representing victims of boating accidents. Boating accidents can be damaging and even fatal. Maritime lawyers are knowledgeable in maritime law, which includes private, domestic, and international laws on the water.

Laws and Lawyers Are Here to Protect

Laws are extremely varied, and just as varied are the lawyers and attorneys that have dedicated their careers to helping represent others through practicing different types of law! If you’re interested in becoming a lawyer or have a pending case, these are just some of the many laws out there.

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