Here are 3 Benefits of Engaging in the Divorce Mediation Process

Here are 3 Benefits of Engaging in the Divorce Mediation Process

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Divorce is never easy. In fact it can be one of the most difficult and painful experiences you ever go through. Unfortunately, many marriages in the United States end in divorce every year, but before you start looking for divorce attorneys, you might consider looking into divorce mediation. Mediation is another means of going through a divorce that has a number of benefits compared to hiring divorce attorneys and going through the process in court, especially if there are children involved in the marriage. This article looks at three benefits of engaging in divorce mediation instead of going through a divorce in court.

  • Mediation is a More Relaxed Process: Unlike a typical divorce, which includes hiring divorce attorneys and going to court, mediation is a much more relaxed process. Instead of working with a divorce attorney, both sides agree to meet with a neutral mediator who will seek to find a reasonable settlement for both parties. This includes settling custody of any children, dividing assets, and settling any financial alimony or child support payments. Mediation typically takes place in a more relaxed setting, like a conference room or a meeting room, and not in the formal environment of a courtroom. This makes the process more relaxing and easier to go through.
  • Mediation is a Quicker Process: Another benefit of engaging in divorce mediation is that it can be completed more quickly than a traditional divorce process. Going through the courts can be a long and protracted process due to delays or a wait to get scheduled on the courtroom docket. By meeting with a mediator instead of going through the courts, the divorce process can be settled much more quickly because there isn’t the hassle of engaging two divorce attorneys and trying to meet in what could be a busy courthouse.
  • Mediation is a Lot More Cost Effective: Perhaps the biggest benefit of engaging in divorce mediation is that it is much more cost-effective than going through a traditional divorce in a courtroom. Divorce attorneys, like any attorney, are very expensive to hire, and can be prohibitively expensive if the process drags on long enough. By contrast, working with a divorce mediator is cheaper because there’s only one person involved, instead of two attorneys. And since the process is usually quicker, the cost should also be less for that reason as well.

In conclusion, there are a number of benefits from engaging in divorce mediation. These include mediation being a more relaxed process than traditional courtroom proceedings, mediation being a quicker process, and mediation being more cost-effective. These are all good things to remember if you’re going through a divorce and are considering how to proceed.

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