Taking A Look At The Ins And Outs of Immigration In the United States

Taking A Look At The Ins And Outs of Immigration In the United States

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Immigration is prevalent here in the United States – and it truly always have been. From our first years as a country, we were founded by immigrants. Immigrants have long come here for many reasons, as the United States has long been thought of as the land of opportunity. And this has not changed in today’s day and age, with as many as one million people getting their green cards to stay in the United States each and every year. And in the more than fifty years since the year of 1965, the immigrant population has quadrupled – and is expected to reach a total number of seventy eight million immigrants by the time that we reach the year of 2065, which is now only less than fifty years away.

But as any immigration attorney can tell you, coming to the United States is often more complicated than many people realize. If you are looking to move here – or to become a legal citizen here once you have arrived and established a life for yourself here – it is likely that you will need the help of an immigration attorney to help you through. After all, immigration attorneys will know the ins and outs of coming to the United States, as well as the many different legal ways in which to do so, such as through a job or for schooling.

The Immigrant Investor Program, for instance, is a common way for people to move here from another country, and is designed to bring in talented people from elsewhere in the world, something that your immigration attorney will be able to help you learn more about, if this is an opportunity that has been offered to you or something that you are interested in in general.

This Immigrant Investor Program, also known as EB-5, has been around for quite some time here in the United States, for very nearly thirty full years. In fact, it was created in the year of 1990, and was considered to be part of the Immigration Act of 1990, as spearheaded by the United States’ Congress. If you are interested in the EB-5 program, you will need to get an EB 5 investor green card or visa, of which up to ten thousand of are set aside each year for just these purposes.

The ins and outs of getting your EB 5 visa, and an immigration attorney or specialty EB 5 visa lawyers can help you to better understand the EB5 visa process – as well as the EB5 visa processing time, which can be substantial. Visa filing fees are also very necessary for applying for a number of different kinds of visas, and if you, the person who is looking to move here to the United States, is looking to get a visa but is unsure of how to afford one, talking with a trusted and reputable immigration attorney can help you to get the financial help that you need in order to begin the immigration process.

And it is a good idea to stay in contact with your immigration attorney even after the visa process has been completed due to the fact that all visas will eventually need to be renewed. And most people who move here are looking to stay here for many years, if not for the entire rest of their lives. In fact, up to sixty percent of all current immigrants – which is considerably more than half – have actually been here for at least fifteen years, if not even more than that. This is such a large population of immigrants that nearly fifteen percent of the entire population of the United States is made up of people who originated somewhere else in the world.

Moving here to the United States can be a great and wonderful thing for many people from all corners of this planet. It is, for many, a chance to start anew, to have a better shot at life – and to give more opportunities to their children, both born and the children that will come in the years to follow. The right immigration attorney can make this a reality.

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