Car Accidents In The United States And When To Hire A Car Accident Lawyer

Car Accidents In The United States And When To Hire A Car Accident Lawyer

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From the car accident attorney to the property damage attorney to the wrongful death attorney to the medical malpractice attorney, there are many different specialties of personal injury law simply because there are so many personal injury cases that occur in just one year throughout the United States. These lawyers assess various types of personal injury cases for viability, and proceed with them in search of settlement money if it is determined that this is the case.

But of all the types of personal injury cases that are out there, there are more personal injury cases related to car accidents than anything else. Actually, car accidents make up more than fifty percent of all personal injury suits here in the United States, as any car accident lawyer will be able to attest to. In part, this is due to the sheer number of car accidents in the United States, with up to six million car and other motor vehicle accidents over the course of just one single year.

Some of these car accidents are much more minor than others, and both parties are able to simply walk away. In these cases, it is unlikely that a car accident attorney will become necessary. But in the car accidents where injuries occur – three million of them over the course of a single year – personal injury cases are likely to result.

After all, many car accident related injuries are serious, and can even change the course of a person’s life entirely. Paralysis resulting from spinal cord injuries can be a permanent injury from which there is no recovery, and the victim of such an accident is likely to find that everything they knew about living their life is now very different, from needing full time care to leaving their place of work and their careers, to changing their roles in their families.

And when medical problems are severe, medical costs can be high. For a person who needs to take time off from or leave work entirely, this can be devastating, as they find that they have no way to payback these medical bills that are quickly accruing as they get the treatment that they are in need of. In such cases, a car accident attorney can help them to get settlement money in a personal injury case, an amount that can usually help to cover, at least partially, some of their medical costs.

A car accident attorney will determine liability as one of the first steps in launching a personal injury case, and this involves determining the cause of the car accident and whether or not it was preventable. And preventable car accidents are common, ranging from drunk driving to driving while distracted. Speeding and aggressive driving are also common preventable causes of many different motor vehicle accidents here in the United States.

Aside from car accidents and the need for the car accident attorney, there are many other causes of personal injury cases. For instance, medical malpractice cases are common due to the fact that more than two hundred and twenty five thousand people die each and every year due to preventable causes in medical settings in the country of the United States alone.

Aside from the medical malpractice attorney and the car accident attorney, the slip and fall lawyer is also prevalent in the world of the personal injury claim here in the United States. Slip and fall accidents typically occur in the work place, especially when manual labor is involved. And though you might not think it, such slip and fall accidents are actually currently the first and foremost cause of all traumatic brain injuries that are sustained here and all throughout the United States, though motor vehicle accidents have been found to account for up to thirty five percent of spinal injuries and spinal cord injuries in particular.

There are many reasons to pursue a personal injury case, but it is incredibly important that you hire the right legal representation. From the car accident attorney to the scooter accident lawyer to the truck accident attorney, there are many lawyers specializing in many different accident types.

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