Attorneys Provide the Voice for the Voiceless

Attorneys Provide the Voice for the Voiceless

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The attorneys are lining up to offer assistance to the thousands of immigrants who are dealing with the uncertainty of the latest administration’s shifting directives on how to handle the families who are coming into this country. Just as public figures have banded together to read aloud the devastating words of one mother who has been separated from her child for months, there are attorneys who are offering their voices in courtrooms and hearing across the nation to help parents reunite with their children.

In a time when the world seems to be turned upside down on many humanitarian causes, it should come as no surprise that there are a growing number of attorneys who are looking for a way to make a difference. From personal injury attorneys who are still trying to get help for victims of the ongoing clean water crisis in places like Flint, Michigan, it si evident that there is a constant need for legal assistance in many areas in life. From car accident attorneys to lawyers who are available to help with victims of construction accidents, there are resources that are available to those who are most in need.

Consider these facts and figures about the number of vehicle accident victims and others who may find themselves looking for legal advice:

  • There are 17,000 slip and fall accidents, which are also referred to as premises liability accidents, that occur every year, according to The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).
  • 3 million people are injured every year in car accidents on U.S. roads.
  • The most common personal injury cases are motor vehicle accidents, which account for 52%, according to the U.S. Department of Justice. Medical malpractice is second with 15% and product liability with 5%.
  • 35% of new spinal cord injuries each year are caused by auto and motorcycle accidents.
  • In the year 2015 alone, distracted driving claimed 3,477 lives.
  • Half a million semi truck accidents happen every year, and deaths from these accidents account for 10% of all traffic related deaths.

From refugees at the border to victims of accidents on the road or at work, there are many people who need a strong voice to help them make their case. If you do not take the time to meet with an attorney, you may not understand the resources that might be available to you.

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