Drunk Driving Causes Many Accidents Every Single Year

Drunk Driving Causes Many Accidents Every Single Year

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In a time when the world is busy talking about the younger generation texting while driving, millions of Americans watched the youth of the nation plead for new gun control laws and lead their peers, their parents, and other supporters follow suit. And while there are many parents who are looking for legal advice to help them get their teenage and young adult children get out of trouble, there are also many parents who are more than proud of the decisions that their children are making and the issues that they are supporting.

Interestingly enough, however, there may come a time when you are the most proud of your children that they may still find themselves in need of legal advice. As more and more schools are feeling pressured to suspend students who walk out in protest of the current gun laws in this country, there is a chance that parents will need to seek the advice of attorneys to make sure that these current event issues do not become a negative mark on their students’ permanent record.
Decisions That Teenagers Make Can Have an Effect of Their Permanent Record

From texting while driving to standing up for their believes, many of the decisions that teenagers make have unintended consequences. If you want to make sure that these consequences do not ruin the chance that your child will have for opportunities later in life, it is important to make sure that you get the legal advice that you need.

From reckless driving attorneys to law firms that specialize in free speech issues, it is important to get the legal help that you need sooner rather than later. And while texting while driving is always a bad decision, your child may need help trying to navigate a difficult court situation that may be the results of unintended consequences of a decision that they make.

Consider some of these reasons why parents might be looking for legal help when it comes to their teenagers or young adult children:

  • Drunk driving costs the U.S. $199 billion a year, according to Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD).
  • 32% of all car crash fatalities are from drunk driving. and 11% of all car crash fatalities are from weather.
  • 31% of all car crash fatalities are from speeding.
  • 16% of all car crash fatalities are from distraction.
  • 11% of all car crash fatalities are from weather.
  • A person is injured in a drunk driving crash every two minutes.

The impulsiveness and the passion of youth can lead to many accomplishments. They can also, however, lead to problems. Finding the right legal advice can help you navigate through many challenges that their teenagers might encounter.

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