The Number One Fear Divorces

The Number One Fear Divorces

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Contested divorce forms

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There is a statistic worth noting as well. It is there to help give an idea of the article will be about and what argument will be made in the article. It is:

  • Women file for the majority of divorces.

The number one fear, according to many surveys that people have conducted, is divorce. It is even higher than death, the fear of marriage, and other factors. This includes job loss and health loss and the death of a loved one. This means that people fear divorce more than any other thing. If this is redundant, it is just to make that point and underscore it.

People get married for numerous reasons. There are people who get married for someone to stay in the United States. This is called a green card marriage, where people game the system in order to get something out of staying in the United States. People might get married out of convenience. They might also get married spontaneously.

This is shown in the Vegas wedding chapels, where someone can get married at times during the night or can get married in a drive thru. These are often called shotgun marriages, because they are quick and spray a scattered pattern of different things. People can get married quickly without much thought.

Divorces in these cases may be difficult but there are other situations as well.

There are people who have known each other for a long time and are truly in love. These people may get married because they love each other and want to start a family. They genuinely think that they will spend the rest of their lives with that person. They get married with hopes, sometimes with supposed ideas that this will be the person.

Their relationship may start out strong. They love each other, are working towards their goals, and working towards their shared goals. They buy a house, have kids, see them grow up, and reach a point of happiness and tranquility. This happens frequently, though not has often as before. There are mitigating circumstances.

There are rumors and stories that a person might change when the knot is tied. Their finances are tied together, that commitment has been made, and a person might decide to stop the act. They stop acting like themselves or truly act like themselves, which can cause turmoil in the relationship.

A person’s relationship might wither over time. There might be a situation where a person cheats on the other person. Infidelity is major factor. There are a lot of issues under consideration. But either way, the relationship is likely to end in divorce. This scares a great deal of people and can lead to broken hearts and broken finances.

Divorces are powerful things but they can lead to a great deal of strife, even with two people who still love the other. People may fight over children, over property, over finances, over houses, over many different things. People may fight over alimony, or the amount the higher salaried person needs to pay for child support.

In these cases, divorces can become combative, with both sides hiring a divorce lawyer. If someone is going through a divorce, it is possible that they need a divorce lawyer. A person who needs a divorce lawyer is someone who is going through a divorce. Anyone who goes through a divorce needs a divorce lawyer.

The need a divorce lawyer precept happens because divorces are negotiations. Those who need a divorce lawyer might find it frustrating to represent themselves in negotiations. Those who need a divorce lawyer will fight for that divorce lawyer to see them in negotiations.

Divorces are the number one fear in America, just in front of death and marriage. Divorces can happen in marriages of convenience or when two people love each other and plan to spend the rest of their lives together. They can be devastating and combative. Finding a divorce lawyer is critical during the negotiations.

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