Have You Been Misdiagnosed or Suffered Other Types of Medical Malpractice? Contact an Attorney for More Information

Have You Been Misdiagnosed or Suffered Other Types of Medical Malpractice? Contact an Attorney for More Information

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Preventable medical errors are made on an annual basis. It is estimated that 98,000 people within the United States die every year due to some type of avoidable error. This includes individuals being misdiagnosed, neglected, and other form of medical malpractice, such as medication errors.

Every year, approximately 7,000 deaths are attributed to patients being administered the wrong type of medication or another type of medication error. When patients are administered the incorrect dosage of a specific medication, for example, this can lead to death in many instances. These are other types of errors may be the result of incorrect information in medical files. While this may be due to information not being updated, it could also be due to notation errors. Furthermore, these errors may also occur when medical files aren’t properly reviewed or reviewed at all prior to administering medication.

Surgical errors result in 34% of medical malpractice claims for inpatient incidents. While this is the most common basis for filing a malpractice lawsuit, outpatient claims are also common. When an outpatient is misdiagnosed, for instance, this error accounts for roughly 46% of medical malpractice claims.

According to the Brain Injury Association of America, over 50,000 people die every year as a result of sustaining a traumatic brain injury. When the extent of these injuries aren’t immediately recognized, this, too, can be a situation where a medical negligence lawyer is needed.

When these and other situations occur, an attorney can assist with filing a malpractice lawsuit. While the time it takes from filing a medical malpractice claim to receiving a medical malpractice settlement will vary, an attorney can assist their clients with understanding the medical malpractice legal process to the best of their ability.

Are you looking for information on lawyers? Have you or someone in your family been misdiagnosed, mistreated, or neglected by a medical professional? Did someone in your family die because they received a traumatic brain injury and you believe something more could have been done? If any or all of these situations apply, then you’ll want to speak to an attorney and learn more information on lawyers that can assist you and your family through this process.

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