How Lawyers Help With Worker’s Compensation

How Lawyers Help With Worker’s Compensation

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Work injury lawyer

Every single year work injuries, work related illness, and office workers across America have to deal with serious situations that unfold in the workplace. Sometimes people can end up seriously hurt while on the job. This is not something new in America and there are now workers compensation lawyers that work day in and day out to help those workers that are hurt at work.

Workers compensation lawyers are hard-working lawyers that want to get the best for the people that they serve and work for. Sometimes there are fatal injuries that happen in the workplace at construction sites and sometimes these injuries are just simple slip and fall injuries. If you are someone hurt at work, then you should work with workers compensation attorneys to get the right worker’s compensation forms and claims worked out to your best benefit.

Workers compensation benefits are created and aim to help workers hurt. Understand that when a worker becomes injured they will not only have to deal with serious medical bills but they will also have to deal with serious time away from work and they will lose money n that way as well. In the year of 2011, workers’ compensation laws on the state and federal level worked to help cover about 126 million employees.

In 2013, women and men that suffered injuries at work missed an average of 8 days. That is a week’s worth of money down the drain and that is only the average so in some cases people ended up missing, even more, days of work. In that same year, just about 917,100 occupational injuries and illnesses resulted in missed days of work.

Orderlies and nursing assistants will each suffer just about 3 times the rate of back and other musculoskeletal injuries that construction laborers suffer. So it is important to know that construction workers are not the only people that need help from workers compensation lawyers. There are all types of people working all types of jobs that can easily suffer injuries.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics’ released a National Compensation Survey in 2010 and this revealed that workers’ compensation costs represented over 1.5% of all employer spending overall. In the year of 2013, there were 327,060 job-related sprains, 229,190 slip and trip injuries where someone fell, and 170,450 back injuries suffered by workers. These people definitely need to seek out the help of workers compensation lawyers to get the compensation they need.

Private industry employers reported just about 3 million non-fatal workplace injuries and illnesses in the year of 2013. This lowered the incidence rate to only 3 cases per 100 full-time workers. Workers’ compensation is known to pay 100% of all medical costs for injured workers and even helps to pay cash benefits for lost work time after a 3 to 7 day waiting period.

In 2011, the benefit payments under workers’ compensation programs ended up equating to about $60 billion and this was a 3.5% increase from the revised 2010 benefit amount of $58 billion. Wages and salaries made up just about 70% of all compensation costs, benefits end up comprising the remaining 30% of compensation.

In Conclusion

Every single year people are hurt at work and some will suffer serious injuries that will not only force them out of work but will also stack up medical bills. This is why the role that workers compensation lawyers play in society is deemed so important because they can seriously help the people who need their help. Make sure you know your rights as a worker and make sure you have the right resources to protect yourself in any situation that you end up in. You do not deserve to have your life destroyed by an injury, you deserve to be protected because you matter.

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