Car Accidents, Lawyers, and You

Car Accidents, Lawyers, and You

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Every day there is a car accident that occurs in the United States. While it is not an easy thing to digest and understand, it is something that is true. This is why there are industries based on protecting drivers, and why car companies are trying hard to improve the overall safety of their vehicles.

The Association for Safe International Road Travel released information revealing that over 37,000 United States residents die in car crashes annually. Car accidents can lead to either death, minor injuries, or even possibly a catastrophic personal injury that can be very damaging to the life of the person who suffers it. If someone suffers a catastrophic personal injury it can nearly kill them or will make it so they are unable to work for quite some time. Here is what you should know about getting a lawyer for a catastrophic personal injury.

Car Accidents Are Very Dangerous

There has always been a history of danger that surrounds driving. More than 50% of all car accident deaths will occur involving young adults between the ages of 15 and 44. In 2015 alone there were an estimated 32,166 fatal car accidents across the United States. These types of accidents are not strictly only involving cars but can include motorcycles as well. In 2013, 14% of all traffic fatalities and 4% of all injuries were attributed to motorcyclists. However, in 2015, the number of motorcyclists injured was reduced by 4.3% from the year 2014.

Many car accidents can lead to a catastrophic personal injury depending on what is the strict implication of the accident. If a driver gets into an accident while under drugs, not including alcohol, they make up 16% of all car accidents. If you are hit by someone under the influence of drugs and suffer a catastrophic personal injury or even a minor injury make sure you seek out help. Get a personal injury attorney, or even a personal injury law firm to protect you.

Drunk driving within itself is one of the leading causes of dangerous and overly violent car accidents. People are impaired when drunk driving in a way that allows these car accidents to be much worse than a typical accident. Motor vehicle accidents caused by drug driving is a major issue and understand in 2015 about 1.1 million drivers were taken into custody because they were driving under the influence of alcohol.

Now that technology has rapidly developed in an unpredictable way, technology has become a factor into how bad car accidents are and how often these types of accidents occur. This is due simply to the fact that more people than ever before own and possess cell phones. While cell phones have done some great things they can also be very dangerous for someone to use while driving.

Police forces across the country are now setting out to try and stop people from using their cell phones while driving. This involves police officers even driving in unmarked vehicles to see if people are texting while driving. Drivers using hand held cell phones has now decreased from 3.8% in 2015 to 3.3% in the year of 2016. This is important because many experts in the industry believe that someone texting and driving is just as dangerous as someone driving while drunk.

In Conclusion

If you ever suffer a catastrophic personal injury in either a car accident or an industrial accident you are going to find your best option to be seeking litigation and help. You should not suffer beyond the physical condition you are now in. You should not have to lose money by way of losing out on work or even possibly losing your job.

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