When To Call A Personal Injury Attorney

When To Call A Personal Injury Attorney

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Have you recently been involved in a car accident where you were injured by no fault of your own? If so, you need to know the rights you have. Contacting accident victim defense attorneys is a good way to start that process. There are various types of personal injury lawsuits that might require you to find and attorney to represent you. Below are three examples:

1. Car Accidents – Over 1 million people die in car accidents around the world every single year, and many more are injured. It is unfortunate that many of these car accidents occur because the drivers of the vehicles are under the influence. In fact, alcohol-related accidents accounted for over 30 percent deaths in car accidents in 2014 alone. If you or someone you know has been injured in a car accident, whether it involves alcohol or not, you should check with personal injury attorneys to understand whether or not you are entitled to some form of compensation.

2. Slip and Fall Cases – Another common type of personal injury case seen by accident victim defense attorneys is slip and falls. The CDC reported that nearly 20,000 slip and fall accidents happen every single year. Although the name might not sound severe, slip and fall accidents often result in broken bones, concussions, or worse. Slip and falls can happen anywhere, and are often overlooked as the victim being clumsy when in reality the fall likely happened because of someone’s negligence.

3. Medical Malpractice – Medical malpractice is another type of personal injury law that is all too common. Medical malpractices essentially means that someone is injured as a result of a physician’s mistake. Malpractice like this can take place on the operating room table during a procedure or even during the prescription phase. If you feel like you were injured due to medical malpractice but are not sure if you deserve to file a personal injury claim, just make a phone call to a local attorney and ask.

Although no one ever wants to go through a lawsuit, the good thing for you to know as the client is that nearly all (96 percent!) of all personal injury cases are settled before they go to trial. That means that you can get the compensation you deserve for your pain and suffering without having to wait months or even years for a trial to be complete. That is what accident victim defense attorneys are there for: to protect you, the victim from being harmed anymore than you already have been.

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