Why Does a Business Need an Attorney?

Why Does a Business Need an Attorney?

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Not everything about running a business is profitable. Not everything about business is fun. For the times that are neither profitable or fun, it is necessary to have a litigation attorney, employment lawyers, or other kinds of legal representatives. Finding a litigation attorney who can help you navigate the difficult parts of owning a business can help you take care of the legal issues that you might face, while at the same time still being able to go about the day to day tasks of running a business.
Whether you own a construction company or a commercial real estate franchise, it is important that you have the right legal team available to provide the support that you need. Finding the right attorney who is experienced in your business can help you predict and avoid future legal implications. A business litigation attorney can, for instance, take care of the legal aspects of a business while the business owner continues to work with customers and clients. Knowing that someone is looking out for the legal matters means that a company owner can focus on the business end of decisions.
Consider these facts and figures about two of the legal needs that many businesses have:

  • Construction Companies. As of June 2017, U.S. Census Bureau reported that $437.8 million is the value of the U.S. commercial construction industry. Individual construction companies, however, put themselves at risk every time that they approach a job and have to subcontract to electricians, plumbers, and other trade fields. They also have to be very careful about the licenses and permits that they need as well as any land purchases that are involved. Having a construction law firm on retainer, however, can help construction companies predict and attempt to avoid legal problems.
  • Contract negotiations. Business litigation and contract attorneys help their clients navigate what can be a difficult task of understanding complicated contract restrictions, sometimes which vary from state to state. In the stae of Texas, for instance, a breach of contract claim must be filed within four years, unless the contract specifies two years.

Being able to focus on the day to day tasks of your specific business is important, and working with a legal representative can help you do that while someone else is looking out for the legal details that are also needed.

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