5 Valuable Resources for the Domestic Abuse Victim

5 Valuable Resources for the Domestic Abuse Victim

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Are you a victim of domestic violence? Are you afraid to take action and protect yourself and your children? Many domestic violence victims remain in their situation because they feel like they don?t have any other options. However, every day that you stay in an abusive or alcohol induced violence relationship, you increase your risk of danger. Although you might feel like you are alone, remember that you do have the following resources to help you when you are ready.

A trusted friend or family member
Confiding in a trusted friend or family member can be extremely helpful in this type of a situation. They can usually offer you advice or minimally, a place to stay. They are also a key witness should you ever decide to take your domestic abuse to trial. Although this might not seem like a possibility right now, you may have to deal with child custody or criminal defense charges one day. Depending on if drugs or alcohol is involved, you might also need a witness to support you for drug crimes and charges also.

A women?s shelter
Women?s shelters are not only for low income families. They are also a resource to women who are currently in an abusive relationship. They provide women and their children with shelter in the event that they have to leave quickly. Even if you do not plan on going to a women?s shelter in the near future, it can be helpful to know where one is located ahead of time. It is best to always have a plan, just in case. Your local women?s shelter, including their contact information should be a part of your exit plan.

A counselor
Domestic abuse often comes with a variety of extremely strong emotions. You are likely to experience anger, guilt, fear, and even passion at times. All of these feelings are normal, although it might not seem like it at times. A counselor can be a valuable resource to someone going through domestic abuse. They can also provide you with additional resources and help you create an exit plan that works for your specific situation. Additionally, counselors offer marital and relationship counseling that can help you voice your concerns to your spouse or significant other.

Domestic violence lawyer
A domestic violence lawyer is another extremely valuable resource when dealing with domestic disputes. They are often experts in the legalities surrounding these types of cases. They can provide you with consultation as to your rights and how to safely get out of the situation. A domestic violence lawyer may also be needed when children are involved. You may have to fight for full custody of your children to ensure their safety. Hiring a qualified domestic violence lawyer is extremely important when children are involved in the case. With 1,315,561 layers currently in the United States, you have many options.

Domestic violence support groups
Many victims of domestic violence find quality support in the form of domestic violence support groups. The good thing about these groups is that you can interact with women who have been or who are currently in a similar situation. You will find that the level of compassion and understanding is incomparable to any other type of resource. You can educate yourself and create important and lasting relationships with other women in support groups. These social interactions will be important after you have pulled yourself out of a dangerous domestic violence environment.

Domestic violence is more common than many think. In fact, according to an FBI report, 2015 saw a 3.9% increase in the estimated number of violent crimes. Additionally, according to the CDC, assault (homicide) was the 17th leading cause of death in the U.S. in 2014. Many of these assault cases are caused by domestic violence disputes. Ensure that you have a plan and that you are aware of your available resources. Hiring a knowledgeable domestic violence lawyer is also crucial to improving your current situation.

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