Divorce Attorneys and Navigating Emotions

Divorce Attorneys and Navigating Emotions

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When a person gets married, it is usually a time of celebration and joy, with very little thought going into what will happen if the marriage does not last. Most people approach the wedding day with the idea that the union that is about to be entered into will be a forever one. However sadly, this is not the case for all marriages. There are many divorces each and every year, and divorce attorneys across the country will not have any trouble finding cases to work any time in the near future.

Why to consider divorce attorneys

Divorce attorneys are not technically always necessary during divorce proceedings, but it is a good idea for many couples facing this difficult process. Even the most level-headed individuals can get caught up in the complexities of attempting to navigate a divorce, especially without lawyers present. You can be a master at business transactions and even other legal proceedings, but if you are facing a divorce, there will inevitably be emotions involved that can affect judgement and reason.

Every divorce is different, and the emotions that one encounters could be vastly different from the next person getting a divorce, or even immensely different from the other individual involved in that specific parting of ways. You thought that you would be together forever, and something changed along the way. Whether you are heartbroken and in mourning, or disbelief, or your feelings fall somewhere on the other end of the spectrum, more toward anger, frustration, or impatience, there will almost always be feelings of pain, and it is human nature to react unreasonably when one is in pain. Having divorce attorneys from quality law firms involved helps to ensure that the most reasonable solutions will be reached, and that the end result is in the best interest of everyone involved.

The high rates of divorce

There are those in society who use their platforms or their voices of influence to denounce divorce and the rates that it occurs, especially compared to past decades and centuries. But no one has the power to judge your decisions or the paths that life finds you on but you. Of course, it is always good to accept advice and guidance from those you trust, but ultimately, the one who is going to make the choice, go through with the actions, and deal with the consequences and aftermath is you.

In the United States, a divorce occurs once every 36 seconds or so. That adds up to almost 2,400 divorces each day, 16,800 every week, and 876,000 each and every year. Around 1% of the total married same-sex couples will end up divorcing each year, and 2% of married heterosexual couples will divorce each year as well. Second marriages have a slightly higher likelihood of ending than first marriages do. But it is not simply about demographics. There are so many factors that could lead to divorce, such as time spent on the road, for example. One study conducted in Sweden showed that those who were commuting over 45 minutes had higher likelihoods of ending in divorce. Any sort of similar discrepancy in schedules or duties or perspectives could build toward a marriage ending as well.

Why you should go easy on yourself
No, divorce is not easy, and it will not feel like it is getting any easier for quite awhile, depending on the situation. But the truth of the matter is that people change. As much as some people oppose or dislike change, it is what life is all about. And if you are not growing, especially simply to avoid change, this is much unhealthier than going through something excruciatingly painful in order to continue to pursue the best version of yourself. People who get married young often have higher divorce rates, for the mere fact that they are the ones who have the most growing and changing to do.

Sometimes you find someone who grows in the same direction as you, but often when people change, they do not change together, and that can be a good thing, if you let it. It just makes it more difficult for that moment of separation. As long as you’re growing, you’ll make it.

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