The “If Only” Moment”I Should Have Stopped to Think”

The “If Only” Moment”I Should Have Stopped to Think”

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Conviction of a DUI or a DWI is not a minor infraction. Depending upon in which state the incident occurs, this conviction could come with jail time in addition to loss of license for a period of time. Individuals accused of either of these offenses would be best to find a good DUI DWI attorney as soon as possible. In the case of a DUI the best DUI attorney will take the initiative to speak with witnesses and analyze videos to build a defense on behalf of the client. A DUI DWI attorney can challenge breathalyzer tests. If these are not given correctly, they will not be admissable in court. The same holds true for blood and urine testing. Finding a good attorney could mean the difference between the client’s jail time or freedom.

Different states enforce their own specific laws regarding DUI and DWI convictions. For example, Ohio charges a license reinstatement fee of $450.00 for a first DUI. The same state will charge a fine of anywhere between $250.00 and $1000.00 for a DWI conviction. As stated, this is an example, keeping in mind that other states also charge similar fees for the same infractions.

Thinking before drinking and driving is a simple rule of thumb but, unfortunately, not often adhered to. In some cases a DUI or DWI will put six points on the offender’s license, even if it is their first incident. In addition, it could bring with it jail time of anywhere from six months to three years. Hiring an experienced DUI DWI attorney is the individual’s best chance of being acquitted or of procuring a lesser sentence and fine. Finding a good lawyer is their best chance of protecting their future. A DUI on record is a black spot that follows people throughout their lives, showing up just when it is not wanted the most; impairing employment opportunities, ruining chances for car loans, home loans, and more. A DUI DWI attorney knows all of the so called ins and outs of the laws concerning these types of misconduct and they do their best using the knowledge they have to protect the rights and the freedom of their clients. In cases where the client’s blood alcohol level is determined to be borderline illegal and no accident occurred as a result of his or her driving while under the influence, in addition to this being their first such incident, a plea bargain is sometimes possible.

Bottom line is this. When it comes to drugs, alcohol, and driving, there is no right combination. Individuals who find themselves facing DUI or DWI charges usually choose that to be the moment of their life that they would change if they could. If they had only stopped to think…

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