I Need Social Security Disability Benefits Which Lawyer Do I Contact?

I Need Social Security Disability Benefits Which Lawyer Do I Contact?

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There are many reasons to seek out a lawyer in the United States. Everything from personal injury lawsuits to inquiries are presented to professionals in the legal system, all with the hopes of navigating a complicated industry and seeking an ideal conclusion. Many attempt to solve their issues without the assistance of a lawyer, however, leaving them financially stranded in their time of need. If you’re one of the Americans that isn’t quite sure if their issue warrants the involvement of an attorney, read below. From bankruptcy to drunk driving, there’s a lawyer for every issue on the map.

Disability And Benefits

If you have a disability but aren’t receiving the benefits you need from the state, a disability lawyer can help you. The average age of disabled-worker beneficiaries back in 2014 was around 53 years old — studies have also shown the majority of those receiving assistance from Social Security are older women. Around 86% of Supplemental Security Income (shortened to SSI) recipients received payments because of a chronic disability that same year. Similar issues include worker’s compensation due to personal injury and illness. A study showed 85% of worker’s compensation claims attributed to employees slipping on slick or poorly maintained floors.

Drunk Driving And Distraction

One of the most prevalent issues in the United States is driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Similarly, many end up killed or injured due to distracted drivers — the year 2013 saw an estimated two million vehicle occupants injured and 20,000 killed in traffic crashes. A significant portion of these motor vehicle crashes involved drivers who were attempting to look at their phone, manipulate technology or eat while driving. Every day people will drive drunk across the country a collective 300,000 times, but fewer than 4,000 will actually be arrested. If you have been arrested for a DUI or similar offense, a car accident attorney can assist you with gathering evidence, questioning witnesses and presenting your history to the court of law.

Medical Malpractice And Birth

To be the victim of medical malpractice is to need the assistance of a medical lawyer to help you navigate the legal system. It’s estimated medical malpractice lawsuits alone paid over $3 billion back in 2013, making it one of the most heavily tackled issues around the country. The Journal of the American Medical Association (shortened to JAMA) reported over 225,000 people dying every year from medical malpractice. When it comes to birth injuries, around 50% have been found to be avoidable by both proper identification and planning for obstetrical risk factors.

Bankruptcy And Filings

Last, but not least, we have issues of bankruptcy. Over 97% of all bankruptcies in 2014 were personal, while only 3% or so were related to small or large businesses. According to recent reports by the U.S. bankruptcy court statistics, over one million people file for bankruptcy every single year — medical expenses are the most common reason for personal bankruptcy, followed closely behind loans.

Choosing A Lawyer

Whether it’s seeking out assistance for a drunk driving arrest or exploring your options for bankruptcy, a lawyer can help you get there — no matter your budget, attorneys can offer you the resources and expertise to get you on the right track. It’s not easy navigating the legal system and many people find themselves in the dark when it comes to organizing relevant information, paying necessary fees and seeking out consultations for their unique situation. Contact your local law firm and see how they can help redirect you to the proper lawyer.

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