5 Things You Should Never Put Up With at Work

5 Things You Should Never Put Up With at Work

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In a perfect world, there would be equality and justice across the board for everyone, without exception. However, in today’s day and age, we are unfortunately far from perfect. Though a just and equal world is not completely out of reach, nor are we incapable of a creating a better world, we currently have a long way to go. It begins with our ability and willingness to identify these very real issues, and then actually do something about them, rather than stand by in silence, or raise our voices only to complain but not take action to make a difference.

Discrimination claims in the workplace
One of the most important places to identify the problem of inequality is in the workplace, where nothing should matter but the job at hand. But unfortunately, there are far too many cases where an individual is targeted for something that should never be a barrier. In fact if just one single case existed, it would be far too many. Those who let their ignorance and prejudices determine their behavior toward other people should always be corrected and reprimanded. And yet when that judgement is coming from a person in power, less people are willing to stand up or make a discrimination claim.

There are many incidents of individuals who witness a wrongdoing in the workplace and do not report it. But it is not always a result of apathy, rather people are fearing for their jobs. In one survey, a full 46% of people who said that they had seen something wrong but did not report it said that they chose inaction in fear that there would be some retaliation against them for speaking up. And in fact, 22% of individuals who did report a wrongdoing that they had seen ended up suffering some sort of retaliation in the workplace as a result. It does take courage, but filing a discrimination claim can at least be the beginning of eliminating this unacceptable type of treatment.

Different types of behavior that should result in a discrimination claim
Whether you feel comfortable reporting wrongdoing in the workplace or not, there are times that attorneys should be involved, particularly if someone has lost his or her job wrongfully. Wrongful termination lawyers should be able to help sort out the situation and protect the jobs of those innocently involved.

There are several different ways that an individual’s rights can be unjustly infringed upon. They usually boil down to basic human rights, but it is helpful to review the different ways that you or someone in your workplace can face discrimination.

  • Racial discrimination
    The world was once much more segregated than it is today, but it was not too far in the past. There are ugly remnants of these prejudices everywhere. Especially these days, as race can be a hot button issue as we struggle to remedy the problem that permeates society, it is important to keep an eye out for racism and immediately do away with it.
  • Religious discrimination
    Another sensitive subject in today’s society, religion can too often be a very divisive factor among people who are simply trying to be connected and united. This type of discrimination can present itself from behind several different masks, whether it is outright judging someone of a different belief, or attempting to implement one’s own beliefs on another person.
  • Sexual harassment and gender discrimination
    This is quite a wide topic, and whether you may need a sexual harassment attorney or someone to fight for you to have equal pay as the men in your office, treatment based on sex is never acceptable.
  • Age discrimination
    The law protects people over the age of 40 to be affected by personnel decisions and changes that are based solely on their age. This includes hiring, promotions, firing, and more.
  • Disability discrimination

    There are around 56.7 million people in the United States that have some sort of disability or another. That is about 19% of the population. If a person is able to do the work that is expected of someone in their position, there shouldn’t be another thought to their disability.

Stand up. Speak out. It is possible to make a better world.

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