5 Things to Remember If You Are Stopped for a DUI

5 Things to Remember If You Are Stopped for a DUI

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Being stopped for a DUI can be intimidating and frightening. But if you handle yourself properly, then there should be nothing you should worry about. In order to know your rights if you were pulled over for a DUI, here are some DUI defense attorney approved things you must know to protect yourself.

1. Pull over safely

Immediately reduce speed, use your turn signal, and pull over to the right hand side of the road to show the officer you are complying.

2. Stay in the car

Never, ever get out of the car as this can be seen as a threat to the police officer, only get out if you are specifically asked. Keep your seat belt buckled, and turn off the engine. If it is dusky or dark out, turn on the interior lights in order for the police officer to see you properly.

3. Be calm and act normal

You do not know what crime has been committed in a car that looks similar to yours. While it may be intimidating, do not act suspicious. Stay seated in a normal position with your hands on the steering wheel, for if you lean forward the cop may think you are hiding some contraband. Also have your drivers license and car registration and insurance ready as soon as they walk to your window.

4. Follow instructions

Listen carefully to what the officer has to say. Remember that you are not in control, and it is your responsibility as a dutiful citizen to comply to any orders.

5. Be as honest as possible

When the officer asks you how much you drank that day, do not give them a vague estimate. Typically people are afraid of being honest and estimate lower than the truth. This will only backfire when you are administered a breathalyzer, so honesty is the best policy.

If you have been convicted of a DUI, then it is important to get in contact with a quality DUI defense attorney who can help lead you through the complex web of the court system. Criminal defense lawyers can also help you if you have any marijuana charges brought against you. Generally, these lawyers have specializations, so they can offer services for basically any crime, including sex crime attorneys, assault attorneys, and anything related to drug crimes.

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