Common Mistakes Men Make in the Divorce Process

Common Mistakes Men Make in the Divorce Process

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It is no secret that the divorce process can be long and complicated, especially if you have children with your estranged spouse. Many fathers believe that mothers have the advantage when it comes to acquiring custody of the children, but with the help of qualified divorce lawyers, you have an equal opportunity. Here are some common mistakes men make during the divorce process when it comes to child custody, so keep these in mind during the entire process.

1. Be careful of your behavior

No matter if you are fighting for primary custody or partial, you need to expect that the mother of your children will tell the judge any of your pitfalls. Do not loose your temper, and always act around your estranged spouse as if they judge was right there next to you.

2. Do not say anything you will regret

It is easy to have your emotions get the best of you when you are going through the divorce proceedings, but be wary and know that anything you say or type can be used against you.

3. Do not bring your children into the process

It is crucial to keep in mind that your child is being affected just as much, if not more so, than you are when it comes to this divorce. So it is important that you do not speak ill of your spouse to your child, or to pressure them into choosing your ‘side’ in the divorce. This can cause incredibly harmful emotional distress to the child, and the judge will be able to use this in their ruling.

4. Move in with a significant other

Divorces are difficult for children, and they will take it badly if they notice your love and affection transfer from their mother to someone else. Judges are wary of this, and may not want to expose the children so it will affect your child custody case. Until the divorce is in its finality, do not expose your children to someone new.

5. Fail to pay child support

Your divorce attorney will tell you this numerous times but it is true, always be on time with your child support payments. If you choose to ignore this, you will be in contempt of court and you will have almost no chance of getting the custody placement you would like.

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