Weird Personal Injury Cases Which Have Actually Been Won

Weird Personal Injury Cases Which Have Actually Been Won

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Personal injuries are becoming a common factor or life. Approximately six million car crashes occur annually in the U.S., which averages about one car collision every ten seconds. Texting, distracted driving and drunk driving contribute largely to these numbers. Other common reasons for personal injuries include medical malpractice and work related injuries. A rough estimate of over 4,000 fatal work injuries were reported in the U.S. in 2013, and many of these could have probably been prevented. Medical malpractice lawsuits accounted for over $3 billion in payouts in 2013 alone. Some personal injury lawsuits are honest lawsuits, but there are some which seem to be nothing more than money, like these listed below.

Hot Coffee

One of the strangest cases for a personal injury attorney included an incident involving hot coffee. An elderly woman was burned by a hot coffee beverage she had purchased from a McDonald’s chain. The restaurant chain did in fact serve coffee a few degrees warmer than an average cup of brewed coffee, however she was eventually awarded 2.7 million dollars in punitive damages by the time the personal injury lawsuit was said and done.

A Pickle

McDonald’s suffered another lawsuit dealing with hot pickles. A woman was eating a hamburger and a hot pickle landed on her chin causing what she claimed were second degree burns. This settlement decision was not publicized, however McDonald’s was required to pay the customer for damages.


Another incident occurred in which a patron was using a public restroom. Upon leaving the restroom, using a door which did not have a doorknob, another patron came in througt the door. This caused injury to his thumb which ultimately caused six months worth of missed work and a surgery to repair the extent of the damage. This personal injury lawsuit landed him an estimated $3 million dollars and landed his wife around $750,000.


A young man purchased a sandwich from Subway and was mortified to find a plastic knife baked into the bread of his six inch sub. He was ultimately disgusted and felt ill for hours after his discovery. He sued the restaurant chain claiming food poisoning from the filthy knife he discovered. His lawsuit was settled out of court resulting in a $20,000 victory.

Thieves are Thieves

A thief chose the wrong house to burglarize one night. He planned his entrance correctly, however his getaway was not so well planned. The garage door he planned to escape through did not function properly causing him to be trapped inside the house for eight days total. During that time he was forced to eat nothing more than dry dog food and drink pepsi. He sued the homeowners, and after a jury trial was awarded $500,000 for his troubles. Talk about double trouble!

Stories as bizarre as these leads to the negative belief that all personal injury attorney cases are frivolous and false. This is not necessarily the case. Consider these pointers when deciding whether it is actually a good idea to hire a personal injury attorney.

You Will Win

This is not a guarantee, and not everyone receives compensation.

A Personal Injury Attorney Isn’t Necessary

A personal injury attorney is specifically and mentally prepared to handle your case thoroughly. Their excessive training allows them to negotiate reasonable compensation offers compared to average estimates.

All Claims are Frivolous

Media attention devoted to weird and frivolous cases leads people to believe that all personal injury claims are just that. The fact is, that couldn’t be further from the truth. Majority of cases involve normal people who were wrongfully injured from negligence or accidents.

When you have been wrongfully injured by some else’s negligence, you should seek the assistance of a personal injury attorney. They can help begin the process of getting you the funds you deserve, as well as assist you with choices throughout the process. Don’t go through it alone, trust your lawsuit to the professionals.

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