The Five Traits You Should Look for When Hiring a DUI Attorney

The Five Traits You Should Look for When Hiring a DUI Attorney

UPDATED 11/6/20

Hiring a DUI attorney is a serious matter. In fact, it’s nearly as serious as the drunk driving charge itself. Not only is this person responsible for understanding the law, they’re responsible for defending you in court.

An effective DUI lawyer should be able to do many things, but some traits should stand out above others. So whether you’re looking for a DUI lawyer or simply looking to learn more about what you should look for when choosing a DUI attorney, or any type of attorney, here are the five most important traits.


As with all lawyers, an effective DUI attorney should possess a solid measure of integrity. They must be willing to be completely honest with you as a client, and keep you informed as to the progress of your case.

Research Skills

It’s one thing to know how to research, but it’s another to know how to research properly and effectively. An effective DUI lawyer should have strong research skills, as well as a willingness to share results with you

Negotiating Skills

Without negotiating skills, there are no lawyers. An overwhelming number of legal disputes are settled outside of a courtroom, and therefor require good cooperation and negotiation skills.

Courtroom Demeanor

If you research a lawyer and find that they can’t hold their tongue or their temper in court, they are not the lawyer for you. All attorneys should be passionate about their work, but knowing and following proper courtroom behavior and procedure is a must.


Just as you must persevere when hiring a DUI attorney, an effective DUI attorney must be willing to persevere in your case. The right lawyer will exhaust every avenue when representing your case, and be willing to work tirelessly to defend you in court.

Finding an effective DUI attorney can seem like a challenge at times, but if you look for these traits, you should find the right lawyer with relative ease. Not only that, but be sure to take referrals from family lawyers, doctors, and to speak with past clients to ensure that you’re making the right choice when hiring a defense attorney.

How do you defend yourself against a drunk driving crime? Do you understand the law well to know how to go about such charges? Drunk driving is a serious matter in court. This raises the need to have a lawyer who understands the law to defend a driver charged with drunk driving. 

 What lawyer information do you require?

Any profession is guided by experience and training. When looking for lawyer info, it is important to ensure the lawyer has acquired the right certification. Clients should also check to confirm that the lawyer is has a good track in court. The lawyer should also have a spotless ethical record.

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