3 Reasons to Invest in Lead Renovator Certification Training

3 Reasons to Invest in Lead Renovator Certification Training

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Epa lead certification online

Before we knew the extent and potential harm exposure to lead-based paint can have on the human body, many older homes were outfitted with it to decorate their walls. Today, that has left many families in harm’s way of the statistical disadvantages lead poisoning puts you in.

The year 1978 is typically the date that homes built prior run a substantial risk of containing lead paint. According to HUD (Department of Housing and Urban Development), 90% of pre-1940 buildings, 80% of pre-1960 and, 62% of pre-1978 buildings have lead. Recent studies have found that children who are lead poisoned are 7 times more likely to drop out of school and 6 times more likely to become involved in the juvenile justice system than lead-free kids.

Due to these factors, lead renovator certification training is becoming an increasingly popular avenue for professionals and laymen alike. Becoming a certified lead renovator requires taking a lead paint certification program, known as lead RRP training. Lead renovator certification will last for five years when taken in-person and three years for the EPA lead certification online. Here are three reasons to consider getting it yourself.

  1. Make Extra Money: Even if you have no real ties to the construction/property management world, it could be a good way to make a little extra money. Many small businesses especially don’t realize the risk and potential dangers (health and financial) they’re putting themselves in by not having their buildings regularly checked for lead. If you work there in any capacity and can identify possible dangers with your lead renovator certification you may be in line for a nice bonus.
  2. Increase Professional Marketability: If you are in the construction/property game, lead renovator certification is practically a must. It will not only help you do your job better, but it will make you more attractive to prospective employers and job opportunities.
  3. Greater Societal Good: On a macro level, the more people that have lead renovator certification the greater chance/speed homes and building with hazardous lead paint will be found and cleaned up protecting the people there now and in the future.

While it may seem like a small issue, lead paint is a very real problem that affects many urban areas. Considering becoming certified to find it for these three reasons.

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