Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Law Firm

Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Law Firm

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Memphis car accident lawyer

Each day, thousands of people across the United States are injured or killed in car automobile and motorcycle accidents. In fact, of the 21,132 people who lost their lives in car accidents in 2013, 2.05 million passengers were injured. That same year over 424,000 people were injured in motor vehicle crashes that list distracted drivers as the cause. Drivers using cell phones or handling electronic devices of some kind can reach more than 660,000 at any time across America. Thus increasing the chances of causing an accident. So what happens once you find yourself in an accident? First ask yourself, “Do i need a personal injury lawyer?” If the answer is yes, find out what to look for in a law firm to represent your case. When making the decision to hire a personal injury attorney, there are a few things you must first consider:

Experience and Reputation
It is important to hire a firm with attorneys having years of experience in personal injury law. Experience and knowledge of the business can be the difference between winning and being compensated for your suffering and walking away with nothing. Not only does experience matter, but also reputation. What are people saying about the firm? Are they fair to clients? Do they handle cases in a timely, yet efficient manner? If you are concerned with the potential time and money a lawsuit could have if taken to trial, take a deep breath. Only about 4-5% of personal injury cases actually go to trial in the U.S. The remaining percentage are commonly settled outside of court in the pretrial phase.

One of the most important things to consider when choosing a law firm is cost. Understanding the seriousness of your case greatly influences your stance on how much you can afford. It is not so much the cost but how much you are willing to pay for services for your case win or lose. While no one goes into a lawsuit with the mindset to lose, you must consider how much time, energy and money you will be putting into your case and whether the rate will work for your budget.

Ability to Solve Problems Quickly
The ability to resolve client issues within a reasonable amount of time is a very important aspect in what to look for in a law firm. Lawyers with constant open communication with their clients on the status of their case is beneficial to the law firm-client relationship. This builds a sense of trust on the client which can make the process of a lawsuit much easier.

When searching what to look for in a law firm, think critically. Decide what you need from a lawyer, make sure they have experience and an established reputation and that they are affordable for you. Lastly, choose a firm that has core values similar to yours that ultimately has your best interest, not theirs, in mind.

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