What Is Uncontested Divorce?

What Is Uncontested Divorce?

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uncontested divorceDivorces are common in today’s society. Approximately 40% of American first marriages end in divorce. That number increases significantly for subsequent marriages, 60% of second marriages end in divorce and 73% of third marriages end this way. Divorce is even on the rise among couples over 50. That rate has doubled in the last two decades. More and more couples are opting for divorces that are cheaper and less stressful. Many people now go for the uncontested divorce.  But what is uncontested divorce?

What is uncontested divorce?
This is a simple, straightforward divorce and is the most common form of divorce. If you are considering ending your marriage, it is important to get divorce advice from a qualified family law attorney. This is particularly important if you are thinking about an uncontested divorce with children. You can seek out advice from an uncontested divorce attorney but this is one process that can be completed without a lawyer. Most law firms provide first time consultations for free so it is worth it to set up a few appointments and ask about this kind of divorce.  One of the questions to ask your divorce lawyer is, what is uncontested divorce?

These divorces are for couples who have a lower level of conflict between them. It is for people who know their marriage is not working and who want to dissolve it with the least amount of drama possible. That does not mean they agree on everything, often negotiations between the two parties are necessary to iron out the specifics of the split but most couples who are in this situation find a way to work through the tough issues and make the most of what everyone realizes is a bad situation.

Who should not consider the uncontested divorce.
If there is any domestic violence, an uncontested is not advisable because the victim in these instances really is not in a position to be able to negotiate. Similarly, if the two parties cannot speak to each other, an uncontested divorce is not going to work.

The uncontested divorce process.
Both parties need their own divorce lawyers. Your lawyer will go through the divorce papers with you to tailor everything to your situation and needs. They will present all options and explain each step of the process. Once you and your spouse have approved all of the competed paperwork, you both sign it and the lawyer will send them to the court. There is usually no need for couples filing for an uncontested divorce to ever step inside a courtroom.

Within about six weeks, the court approves the paperwork and the divorce becomes official. It is that quick. So, what is uncontested divorce? A simple way for couples to end their union privately and quietly.

The price tag.
The legal fees for the uncontested divorce range from $90 to $1,200. A lot of this depends on where in the country you live and how much lawyers charge for all of their services in that region. You can bet, though, that a lawyer who charges $90, does a lot of business and may not have as much time to deal with your questions. Ask a few lawyers before you settle on one. These are simple divorces but you still want someone who will make you and your situation a priority.

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