Is Your Job a Safe and Healthy Work Environment?

Is Your Job a Safe and Healthy Work Environment?

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How safe are you at work? Does your employer implement safety standards that are thorough and well explained to every employee? A safe work place is important to not only the health of the employees, but the health of the company as well. Companies that follow all federal and state guidelines and maintain a systematic review and inspection process are more likely to avoid workplace injuries that can become costly to both individual workers and the company itself.

Work place safety also affects moral as well. If employees know that a company has its employees best interests and heart, and no one is getting hurt, everyone feels better about coming to work. Employees should know that the health and safety of workers is a company priority. A company that provides employee training in how to avoid injuries in the workplace is a company that is putting its employees first.

If, however, you are injured in the course and scope of your employment and you file a claim, the employer has 30 days to file an answer or the facts of the claim are deemed “admitted.” It is during the early steps of this process that you might consider calling an attorney to see that you are being treated fairly. Sometimes, the biggest decision is trying to determine who will serve you best.

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Interestingly enough, you may decide you need to call an attorney to ask these initial questions. If, for example, you are trying to understand the rights you have as a pregnant worker, a reliable, trustworthy and hard working law firm can provide you background information. Did you know, for example, in the fiscal year 2013, government agencies received 5,370 charges alleging pregnancy discrimination in the workplace? It has been illegal to discriminate against pregnant women in the workplace since the passing of the Pregnancy Discrimination Act in 1978, but this does not mean that all employers are following this law. In fact, of the pregnancy discrimination complaints received by the EEOC, about 25% are settled in the worker’s favor. Without consulting an attorney, you may not even understand what your rights are.

A safe work place begins with a safety plan to teach workers how to avoid injuries in the workplace. It continues to include an environment where workers feel comfortable bringing safety and health concern to the attention managers, and, in some cases, owners. It you feel that you are not safe at work, and you suffer a personal injury, calling a personal injury lawyer might be the best decision you make on your road to recovery.

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