Three Important Points About Hit and Run Traffic Violations

Three Important Points About Hit and Run Traffic Violations

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Hit and run traffic violations can be pretty serious, and it’s not surprising that it’s much hard to get out of a traffic ticket when you’ve also got a hit and run offense on your hands. Here are a few things you need to know about hit and run tickets, the consequences of hit and run car accidents, and how to make sure that you aren’t charged with this traffic violation:

  • A hit and run offense is considered any car accident where there was personal injury or property damage, and where the driver responsible for the damage intentionally left the scene without providing any contact information or contacting the closest law enforcement agency. In cases where a driver hits another car and that driver isn’t present, it’s usually okay to leave a note with information like name, phone number, and insurance information. If a driver isn’t able to leave a note and can’t reach the owner of the car, it’s his or her responsibility to report the accident.

  • As surprising as it may sound, quite a few hit and run offenses are done unintentionally. In serious car accidents, drivers may go into shock and not be aware of what they’re doing, or not be able to think clearly and remember to stay at the scene of the accident. It’s possible for drivers to be charged with hit and run traffic tickets if they leave the scene of the accident without reporting it and then come back to it, but if there are extenuating circumstances to explain why they left — and if they can prove that they really do want to take responsibility for their actions — then the punishments aren’t likely to be as severe.

  • Basically, if you’re facing a hit and run ticket, the best way to handle it is to consult with a lawyer before doing anything else. The longer a driver tries to avoid a hit and run charge, the more likely it is that the consequences will be greater and harder to fight. It is possible to get out of a hit and run offense, although it’s more common that drivers — with the help of a lawyer — are able to get the charges reduced.

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