Three of the Most Bizarre Criminal Defense of All Time

Three of the Most Bizarre Criminal Defense of All Time

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People who commit dumb crimes are, in all likelihood, probably dumb themselves. And as dim-witted folk, they sometimes tend to come up with dumb excuses for their actions, which their lawyers will then try to use in court. Here are just a few such ridiculous criminal defense cases you won’t believe happened.

“Because I Ate Too Many Twinkies.”

The Twinkie defense is technically not a real defense, but it is an example of one type of criminal defense cases more professionally known as diminished capacity. Back in 1979, a man named Dan White was on trial for murder. His attorney claimed to the jury that White had overloaded himself with Twinkies because he was depressed. Consequentially, the sugar high caused him to go crazy, and commit his crimes.

“Because I Get Roid Rage.”

A man was once arrested for throwing rocks off of an overpass in Pennsylvania, an act which obviously could directly hurt someone or create a situation in which someone might get hurt. In his defense, he claimed that he was on steroids, which sometimes caused roid rage, making him prone to commit violent acts. Like most criminal defense cases that used another crime as a defense, it didn’t end well.

“Because There Was a Full Moon.”

Weird things happen during the full moon. Hospitals tend to get busier. Police departments tend to have more calls to attend to. Things happen. But what would you believe that more than one criminal defense cases have tried to claim that the full moon caused them to suffer from lunacy, and commit their crimes?

If you’re in legal trouble, learn from these silly criminal defense cases, and hire a criminal defense lawyer. No matter what type of trouble you’re in, there will be criminal defense attorneys who can handle the special area of your case, like domestic violence attorneys, for example.

If you have any questions about hiring a lawyer for criminal defense, or know of any other crazy criminal defense cases, feel free to share in the comments. Read more.

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