Three Dangerous Products for Children

Three Dangerous Products for Children

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When do you call a personal injury lawyer

The type of personal injury lawsuit that earns the second highest median damage awards is product liability at $300,000. Product liability refers to personal injury lawsuits that result from the use of a product, and they are usually caused by one of three things. The first is a defect in manufacturing, the second is a defect in design, and the third is failure to warn. Children are especially vulnerable to sustaining injuries as a result of the use of a product, and here are three of the most dangerous types of products that parents should watch out for.

Strollers can be useful for keeping kids safe by strapping them into a chair so they aren’t running around all over the place, but some strollers do pose safety risks. At least one line of strollers in the United States has actually lacerated or amputated the tips of children’s fingers.

The number of toy-related injuries in the United States fluctuates, but is usually in the hundreds of thousands — in 2006, there were an estimated 220,500 toy-related injuries. Some of the most severe injuries come from children swallowing or choking on toys.

Another common product that actually cases deaths are cribs. Each year in the United States, about 26 infants die of crib deaths. The most dangerous types of cribs for infants seem to be the type with an adjustable front side, and many of these models are actually illegal now.

What Parents Should Do
Parents should always check to make sure that there are no recalls before making a major purchase like a crib, car seat, or stroller. Additionally, it’s worth perusing recall lists in general since many recalls are not instituted until months after the product has been on the shelves. Lastly, a parent should always try to buy new products for their children rather than finding them secondhand.

Has your child ever been injured by using a product and you filed a personal injury claim? Feel free to tell us about it in the comments section. Read more.

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