Three Facts About Lemon Laws

Three Facts About Lemon Laws

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When buying a car, you may wonder, “Can a used car dealer sell a lemon?” Yes, it can happen, so it’s a good thing that the state of New York has lemon laws to protect car buyers. For instance, if you recently bought a used car and transmission went out, you’ll be pleased to know the answers to, “Can a used car qualify for lemon law?” and “Can lemon law apply to used cars?” are also yes. This can be such a relief knowing that it’s possible to hire a lemon attorney to represent you if you feel that you have been sold a lemon.

Buying your next set of wheels shouldn’t be a stressful situation that ends in buyers’ regret. Even if you make every effort to secure the best car for you, you can still end up with a faulty vehicle on your hands. Considering that a car is one of the biggest investments you’ll ever make, this can be financially devastating. But, as mentioned, New York’s lemon laws can come to the rescue under certain circumstances. But what exactly are these lemon laws, and how do they work? Read on to discover three facts that you need to know.

New York state laws are designed with the residents of the state in mind. For instance, New york state lemon laws help protect residents when they purchase a new car, as well as some used cars, that turns out to be a lemon. The ny state laws state that such cars that do not hold up to the written warranty and the car is unable to be repaired by either the manufacturer or authorized agent after a certain number of attempts, the customer my demand a refund or replacement.

The New York state laws pertaining to lemons hold a number of requirements that must be met before the car qualifies to be refunded or replaced. These requirements are set in place to protect the seller of the car should a buyer be making a false claim. When investigating such claims for the New York state laws, attorneys must abide by the regulations in order to ensure that the case runs smoothly and the correct person is found at fault.

The regulations for the lemon law include that the car was covered by its warranty at original delivery, it was purchased before 18,000 miles or within two years of original delivery, it was purchased in New York state or is registered in the state and it is intended for personal use. The New York state laws require the car meet all of the stated criteria in order to qualify for a claim. The car must also be unable to be fixed after four or more attempts, or has been incapacitated for at least 30 days while being repaired for more one or more issues.

A long process goes into establishing New York state laws in order to ensure they are at the best interest of the public and that they will benefit the public from any injustice.

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