Top 3 Common and Illegal Causes of Semi Truck Accidents

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Were you injured by a semi truck driver? Although semi truck drivers go through extensive training and safety protocols, semi truck accidents do occur. The problem and why they are often more dangerous than automobile accidents is that they are extremely heavy and tend to cause more damage. Approximately 98% of all semi truck accidents result in at least one fatality. There are also many different possibilities of cause when it comes to semi truck accidents. It is important to understand the details of your accident and who was at fault.

Speeding or improper following of road regulations
Truck drivers have even more traffic rules to follow than regular automobile drivers do. Because their trucks are much heavier, they usually have lower speed limits. They are also

Automobile, Motorcycle, and Semi-Truck Accidents When You Need a Personal Injury Attorney

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Have you recently been in an automobile, motorcycle, or truck accident? If so, it’s important to contact an attorney to assist you. Whether fault has been established or not, you want to have an attorney represent your interests. Furthermore, if you are entitled to a personal injury settlement, an attorney can assist you with this process.

While it does depend on a variety of factors, just 4% to 5% of personal injury cases actually go to trial in the United States. This means that 95% to 96% of these cases are settled pretrial and out of court.

A Brief Overview of Vehicle Accident Data for 2013

During 2013 alone, there were 21,132 passenger casualties due to riding in a car that was involved in a crash. At that time, an estimated 2.05 million passengers also sustained

Avoid Getting Injured by Following Safety Guidelines in the Workplace

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Thanks to labor laws put in place by the U.S. government, workers in this country are protected in a variety of ways. For example, employers can’t harass or discriminate against workers or prospective hires, and they can’t fire workers for getting pregnant. However, there are other issues that can arise for employees, especially when it comes to safety guidelines in the workplace.

To prevent workers from suffering serious injuries while on the job, the government formed the Occupational Safety and Health Administration to ensure that employers complied with safety guidelines in the workplace. But just because the law is in place doesn’t always mean that it is followed.

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