Top 3 Common and Illegal Causes of Semi Truck Accidents

Top 3 Common and Illegal Causes of Semi Truck Accidents

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Were you injured by a semi truck driver? Although semi truck drivers go through extensive training and safety protocols, semi truck accidents do occur. The problem and why they are often more dangerous than automobile accidents is that they are extremely heavy and tend to cause more damage. Approximately 98% of all semi truck accidents result in at least one fatality. There are also many different possibilities of cause when it comes to semi truck accidents. It is important to understand the details of your accident and who was at fault.

Speeding or improper following of road regulations
Truck drivers have even more traffic rules to follow than regular automobile drivers do. Because their trucks are much heavier, they usually have lower speed limits. They are also not allowed on some types of roads or bridges, because of weight limits. In most states, the truck must remain in the far right lane of the freeway, and avoid passing, except when actually necessary. A truck driver who does not follow these added road regulations is at a greater risk of causing an accident. Wrongful death attorneys are often put on cases where a wrongful death occurred from ignoring specific trucking rules.

Truck drivers under the influence
Driving any type of vehicle under the influence of alcohol, drugs, or illegal substances is very dangerous. If you are charged with a DUI while operating a residential vehicle, you can lose your license, be fined thousands of dollars, and even spend time in jail. Because truck drivers have the added element of heavier vehicles and that they are on working time, they may face even more severe of charges. Yet despite these consequences, it still occurs.

According to the U.S. Department of Transportation, 26% of semi truck accidents are caused by prescription drug use. When you add prescription drug use or alcohol use to drivers who are already tired and potentially overworked, the results are dangerous. Wrongful death attorneys often work on further investigation of semi truck accidents, specifically looking for a cause of foul play. If a loved one was killed as a result of a semi truck accident, it is important to work with wrongful death attorneys to understand what the true cause was.

Long truck routes and fatigue

Excessive fatigue is perhaps the most common cause of accidents. Many truck drivers are under a lot of pressure to meet time deadlines. They may also be paid by the mile, encouraging them to drive faster, and even when they are exhausted. Many trucking companies have since put required rest times into action, to prevent this. However, it still occurs. Work with your wrongful death attorneys and personal injury attorneys to establish if fatigue was present in the semi truck accident.

Another added cause of concern is when you add in unfamiliar road conditions and truck routes. Truck drivers, over time, learn about specific road conditions. However, if the driver is newer or feeling rushed to get to a specific destination, they might increase their speed on poor road conditions. The U.S. Department of Transportation found that 23% of semi truck accidents are caused by a driver traveling too fast for the road conditions. This can also result in wrongful death and it can be beneficial to hire the representation of a wrongful death lawyer or semi truck accident attorney.

Truck accidents occur rather frequently. When they do occur, the damages are often very high and the likeliness of wrongful death is possible. If you or a loved one was injured or killed by a semi truck driver, consult with a truck accident lawyer as soon as possible. As noted, there are many causes that contribute to a trucking accident, with many of these causes being illegal. When you are injured by a semi truck, you have legal rights. To fully understand these legal rights, work with your personal injury attorney.

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