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Criminal Defence Attorney

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Dui defense lawyer

If you need a criminal defence attorney, John Patrick Dolan can help you. Whether you have been charged with a DUI or capital murder, this is one of the criminal defense law firms that can handle a full range of charges. Attorney John P. Dolan has experience with this spread of criminal cases.

What is the difference between a DWI and a DUI? DUIs and DWIs are some of the most common criminal charges out there. “DWI” means “driving while intoxicated” and generally only covers driving while you have only consumed too much alcohol and are deemed to have over the legal limit of alcohol in your bloodstream when you are stopped and tested by a police officer. A “DUI”, or “driving under the influence”, generally covers being under the influence of any other mind altering substance while driving, like marijuan

Does Your Business Need Help with Renewable Energy Law?

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Carson city nv litigation lawyer

Unfortunately, the law is something every single American needs help with at one time or another. For some people, help with tax law is all they need. However, many others need help defending themselves in criminal proceedings. In 2012, the number of criminal appeals in the U.S. Court system increased by 8%, thanks in no small part to new technologies and the zealous representation by lawyers of their clients.

One of the most important types of lawyers in today’s landscape is the business attorney. They can help every American, private individual or businesses, to seek justice in the eyes of the law. Many are still left asking, however, “how can they possibly help me”.
When you obtain the services of a business law attorney, you are guaranteed a well-

Understanding Legal Research Needs

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Law research

When undertaking any kind of legislative research project, you have to have very specific goals, distinct questions to answer and a clear picture of your intended outcome. In order to put a concise game plan together for your legal research, you have to look at the big picture in order to efficiently uncover the necessary federal statutes and regulations or legislative history in regards to your case. As you begin to dig into the legal statutes and regulations, make sure that you understand when to seek further clarification or guidance to avoid extended, unfruitful searches.

When you dive into the granular research, it may

Tips for Negotiating a Custody Battle

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St louis family lawyers

Our society sees the dissolution of marriage more often now than in any other era. Since Massachusetts became the first state to allow judicial divorce in 1780, the divorce rate has steadily climbed. Today, the mean age of a woman for a first divorce is now 29 years old, and couples married at older ages with higher education and more money are more likely to stay together. Divorce can be incredibly stressful, as evidenced by one statistic showing that men are more likely than women to turn to drinking after divorce. Perhaps, divorce becomes even more stressful and complex when there are children involved.

Family lawyers for child support
are kept busy coordinating child custody, child support,

What Should You do if Your Car is a Lemon? Three Facts about NYS Lemon Laws

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New york state lemon law

Are you wondering just how protected you are under NY state laws when you’re buying a vehicle? Many car purchases are covered by New York State Lemon Laws. These laws help protect consumers from fraud. Lemon cars are cars that are only discovered defective after they’ve been purchased. Here are three things you should know about these laws, and whether or not they can help you out.

1. Is Every Car Protected?

No, though many are. For your car to be eligible for a Lemon Law case, your car needs to be leased, bought, transferred or currently registered within the state by the first two years or 18,000 miles. Lemon cars can be either new or used, and need to be covered by warranty during the original delivery. The driver must also be unable to drive their car for at least 30 days. Bef

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