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Scott Law Firm, LPA in Columbus Ohio

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Scott Law Firm, LPA

35 E. Livingston Avenue

Columbus, Ohio 43215

(614) 221-9790

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At Scott Law Firm, LPA, our Criminal Defense Attorneys have provided strategic, competent, and aggressive advice to protect the rights and interests of our clients for over 20 years. Our firm has built a solid reputation in the area and throughout the state with providing a top-notch defense for our clients. We handle all types of criminal cases, from DUI OVI Drunk Driving, Sex Crimes, Drug Crime Charges, the most serious felonies to misdemeanor and traffic offenses in or around the area.

Law Offices of Robert E. Wisniewski, P.C in Phoenix Arizona

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Law Offices of Robert E. Wisniewski, P.C

519 E. Thomas Road

Phoenix, Arizona 85012

(602) 234-3700

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If you have been injured on the job, then contact the Law Offices of Bob Wisniewski, P.C. Bob has built his reputation by providing personalized service and professional legal representation since 1976. He has successfully handled over several thousand workers’ compensation cases, litigating at over 6000 administrative hearings across Arizona.

Lemon Laws of New York State Protect Car Buyers

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Laws of new york state

Laws of new york state include laws that protect residents when they buy used or new cars. These are the New York State lemon laws. The New York State Lemon Law governs what happens when people buy a used car that turns out to be a lemon. The term “lemon” is used in these instances to denote a car buying experience that turns into a sour lemon experience, because the car you bought breaks down all the time and is totally unreliable. The only recourse the car buyer has is to use the New York State Lemon law in order to turn the car back in and get a refund or to get the dealer to fix the problem on the car.

When you buy a car that is mechanically faulty, and the dealer you bought it from will not fix or repair it, the laws of New York State can protect you if you fully understand the New York State lemon laws. One of the ways to learn about the laws of New York State is to go online and look up the Lemon Law New York State. You can search the term “New york state laws” for links to websites, with information on lemon laws.

Another option is to go to an attorney to get advice about the laws of New York State and about how you can apply the lemon law to your situation. There is an arbitration program in New York that you can use too. It costs around $115. This service will help protect your interests under the laws of New York State. Of course, buyers also have the option of suing the car dealer. A good Lemon Law attorney can represent the car buyer in a lawsuit.

Also, the laws of New York state that the buyer can get their money back if a mechanical problem on a car they just bought is not fixed after three repair attempts. If the car is out of commission for 15 days or more after purchase, the car buyer can return the car and get their money back.

Jakob-Barnes Law Firm, LLC in Atlanta Georgia

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Jakob-Barnes Law Firm, LLC

6095 Lake Forrest Drive, N.W.

Atlanta, Georgia 30328


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Jakob-Barnes Law Firm, LLC is a full service law firm with a large emphasis on consumer bankruptcy. We are here to protect the individual person and their family.

Jakob-Barnes Law Firm is a boutique law firm that files both Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcies for consumers. An experienced bankruptcy attorney will advise you of your legal rights and help you determine the correct path to take, whether it be bankruptcy or another avenue. Appointments are available either during the week or on weekends.

Fighting Illegal Eviction with the Help of a Nassau County Landlord Tenant Lawyer

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Nassau county criminal defense lawyers

Tenants who are facing illegal eviction from their apartment or rental home can seek the help of a Nassau County landlord tenant lawyer. A Nassau County landlord tenant lawyer specializes in handling cases that specifically revolves around illegal eviction.

There are several ways that a landlord can engage in illegal eviction. Illegal eviction can include having the landlord change the locks, taking doors off their hinges, turning off electricity or utilities, and placing belongings outside. A landlord may not engage in these activities, nor may they threaten tenants with these types of activities. If a tenant is experiencing these problems with their landlord, a Nassau county landlord tenant lawyer can help.

Occasionally, a tenant may experience a rental property that has numerous building code violations. Nyc building code violations lawyers can help make sure that a landlord complies with all building code regulations in the city.

Finding a Nassau County landlord tenant lawyer or an attorney who specializes in building code violations may be easy. Many attorneys that operate out of Nassau County, such as a Nassau County commercial real estate lawyer and Nassau county criminal defense lawyers can offer recommendations for attorneys who handle these types of cases.

New York State Used Car Lemon Law

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Ny state laws

The last thing you want to do while looking for a used vehicle is buying a car or a truck that has a lot of mechanical problems. Luckily, the state of New York has a set of laws to protect consumers from lemon vehicles. The New York State used car lemon law protects people who purchase a vehicle that has too many mechanical problems. Consumers must get familiar with their rights to avoid dealing with a financial loss from junk vehicles. The New York State used car lemon law is specifically written to give consumers rights in the event a recent vehicle purchase has mechanical problems that a manufacturer refuses to repair.

Understanding how the New York State used care lemon law works is the first step towards realizing your rights as a consumer. First off, this type of law does not cover motorcycles or motor homes. Off road vehicles are also not covered under the lemon law. Commercial vehicles that have 100,000 miles or less qualify for the lemon law coverage. Finding information about the laws of New York State is a process that requires some research online. New york state laws posted on the state website or legal sites are valuable to people who want to get familiar with their rights.

New york state lemon laws do not apply to vehicles that cost less than 1,500 dollars. Most people do not realize the New York State used car lemon law only applies to vehicles that are purchased from a person or a business that sells at least 3 vehicles during the past 12 months. In other words, most vehicles purchased from a private party do not quality under the New York State used car lemon law. Another factor to pay attention to if you want coverage under the lemon law is warranty requirements.

How A Westchester Divorce Lawyer Can Provide Assistance

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Divorce lawyers in white plains

The divorce rate in the United States is still alarmingly high and therefore there are plenty of lawyers to assist people during these tough times. Since there are an abundance of lawyers, it is crucial that you perform your research to find one that will give you the best chances at a fair settlement. Anyone in need of divorce lawyers in White Plains is encouraged to find someone with a wealth of experience and positive success rates in the past to ensure an easygoing process. A professional Westchester divorce lawyer will represent you before a court of law and guide you through the taxing process that leads up to that point. A leading Westchester divorce lawyer will know just how to negotiate with the courts and other attorneys so that you are not left crippled from an unfair split of property.

There are a couple ways you can go about finding a top White Plains divorce lawyer. Those that are friends with someone that has had success with a Westchester divorce lawyer in the past should speak with them and determine whether or not that attorney is a good fit for their purposes. Individuals that do not know where to start should jump on the internet and perform research on the different Westchester divorce attorneys in the area. There will be personal biographies along with detailed client reviews that will provide all the insight you need to make a wise choice on who will be representing your side of the case.

Obtaining Expatriate Compensation For Your Situation

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Maritime claims

Defense base act attorneys and longshore harbor workers compensation act lawyers are both important for those that have had trouble while working. Whether you are in need of help with maritime claims or the longshore act, you need to have the services of a specialist for quality assistance. Look for high quality professionals to assist you with your expatriate compensation so that you can get what you deserve from the justice system.

One easy way to find help with expatriate compensation is using the web. Online it is easy to find lawyers and other professionals that can assist you with your expatriate compensation needs so that you will be able to get what you are owed. It is important that you find a provider of help with expatriate compensation that has done great work for others in the past. Talk to colleagues and others that you know have gotten help with their expatriate compensation so that you will be able to get information about where to turn for your compensation requirements. You can also read reviews online in order to find out about which legal professionals are right for your compensation case.

After you have been able to find a place to go for dependable expatriate compensation assistance, talk to them about the details of your case and see what their thoughts are. Be sure that you provide them with as many details as possible so that they understand the particulars of your situation and how to come up with the right strategy for your case. If you have any questions for your compensation professional, bring them up so that they can resolve these questions for you and give you confidence in your case.

Those that are injured while working away from home or want to get the proper compensation for these positions must find quality legal help so that they can get the compensation they deserve. Be sure to look for a lawyer that you can count on in order to receive help with your compensation that will give you a good chance of receiving what you deserve. Getting compensated properly for your expatriate work will help you live a more normal life and manage the expenses that you face so that you will be able to get acclimated in your new surroundings and still take care of the responsibilities that you must manage as a citizen of your new area.
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3 Things you should know about New York lemon law

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New york state lemon laws

One of the laws of new york state that protects consumers is the New York State lemon laws. The New York State lemon law is the law which entitles consumers to a total refund or replacement of cars that they have bought which turned out to be lemons. Several things are covered by the lemon law New York State. Here are the three most important things that you should know about New York State lemon laws.

First, this New York State law covers both the new and used cars. It protects both the buyers and the lessees. According to the New York State lemon laws, new and used cars are covered if they are covered by a warranty, if they are bought or leased within two years from the date they were delivered or if they are within 18,000 miles. The car should also be purchased or leased in the State of New York and at the same time registered also in the state. Finally, to be covered it should be bought or leased for personal use. The car must meet all these requirements in order to be covered by the New York State lemon laws.

Second, if you bought the car and simply was not satisfied with it, you cannot immediately file for a refund or replacement. According to the New York State lemon laws, buyers can only refund or ask for replacement if the manufacturer or agent of the car has done at least four repairs on the problem of the car and still the problem persists. You can also ask for refund or replacement if the car has been out of services because of the repair for at least thirty days or if the car is also out of service because for at least thirty days because of other problems. Now, although you can now ask for replacement or refund, according to the New York State lemon laws, the manufacturer is exempted from refunding your or replacing the car if the problem does not really affect the value in relation to the buyer. He may also not be forced by the New York State lemon laws or other New york state laws to replace or refund the car if the problem of the car is due to the abuse, neglect or changes in the car done by the buyer.

Third, you should also know that in order to fully advantage of the protection offered by the New York State lemon laws, you should immediately report any problem of the car to the manufacturer or the dealer. Once the buyer reports the problem to the dealer, the dealer is required to notify the manufacturer in writing about the problem. You should also keep all records of complain, work orders and other records pertaining to the problem. This includes all correspondences. You can then ask for refund or replacement if you have all the papers in order.

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