Lemon Laws of New York State Protect Car Buyers

Lemon Laws of New York State Protect Car Buyers

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Laws of new york state

Laws of new york state include laws that protect residents when they buy used or new cars. These are the New York State lemon laws. The New York State Lemon Law governs what happens when people buy a used car that turns out to be a lemon. The term “lemon” is used in these instances to denote a car buying experience that turns into a sour lemon experience, because the car you bought breaks down all the time and is totally unreliable. The only recourse the car buyer has is to use the New York State Lemon law in order to turn the car back in and get a refund or to get the dealer to fix the problem on the car.

When you buy a car that is mechanically faulty, and the dealer you bought it from will not fix or repair it, the laws of New York State can protect you if you fully understand the New York State lemon laws. One of the ways to learn about the laws of New York State is to go online and look up the Lemon Law New York State. You can search the term “New york state laws” for links to websites, with information on lemon laws.

Another option is to go to an attorney to get advice about the laws of New York State and about how you can apply the lemon law to your situation. There is an arbitration program in New York that you can use too. It costs around $115. This service will help protect your interests under the laws of New York State. Of course, buyers also have the option of suing the car dealer. A good Lemon Law attorney can represent the car buyer in a lawsuit.

Also, the laws of New York state that the buyer can get their money back if a mechanical problem on a car they just bought is not fixed after three repair attempts. If the car is out of commission for 15 days or more after purchase, the car buyer can return the car and get their money back.

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